Monday, August 1, 2011

Gotham Steak House and Cocktail Bar - Downtown

Gotham Steak House is located just a short walk from Granville Skytrain Station. Located beside the St. Regis Hotel, this restaurant hosts an expensive menu and seems to be a hot spot for the "rich and the famous". I fall into neither of those categories but my wonderful girlfriend decided she would treat me to a night out for my 21st birthday.

Going out for dinner is a perfect gift for me, I don't need any fancy electronics or anything, give me some red meat and I am one happy camper. I was so excited for this dinner because I have heard great things about Gothams and I was ready to do some serious eating.

Complimentary Bread

The restaurant was quite dim, so I borrowed my fathers nice Canon Rebel
to snap some pictures (much to my girlfriends frustration). Here we are all dressed up and I had to go and bring a camera to take pictures..sorry Jessica I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

The bread was fresh and warm when it came out. We tried not to eat too much of it because I was saving room for the real stuff later on. The service was quite fab here..very professional not at all what I am used to.
The waiter recommended a great Riesling so we got 1/2 a litre and shared that to drink.

Cesar Salad

This is half of a portion of their Cesar salad. We ordered it to share so they separated it on two plate. It was a great salad, amazing dressing, great Parmesan cheese and the squeeze of lemon topped it all of perfectly. I must say this is one of the better cesar salads I have had in my life.

Steak Tartare

This was one thing I was super excited to have here. I had looked at their menu prior to going and knew that I had to order this as an appetizer. This was my second time having this particular item. I tried it once in France and wasn't huge on it but loved the idea of it..eating raw meat? I am a man chock full of testosterone..load up the raw meat baby. I really enjoyed this dish. I liked it at Gothams much better than when I tried it in France. The steak was very nicely seasoned and the anchovy on top added a nice bit of saltiness. My girlfriend said she enjoyed the Steak Tartare in France better so she let me eat most of it :)

Filet Mignon

For my main I chose the Filet. I asked them to cook it medium-rare but more on the rare side compared to medium. When they brought it out I had a huge grin on my face. It was a very large cut of meat. The outside was seasoned with pepper and salt which gave it a great crust. After cutting into it I was pleased to discover the center was nice a pink and so tender. It was delicious. I savored each piece in my mouth.

My girlfriend ordered the Blackened Ahi this point she was getting embarrassed of me taking pictures in such a fancy place that I didn't take a picture of hers. It was getting crowded by this time so I respected her wishes and put away the camera. She didn't really enjoy the Ahi Tuna. It was served with Cajun spices on it, and with soya-sauce, wasabi, and ginger on the side..I guess that is kind of a weird combination.

I would love to come back here again, but I'm not sure I will be able to..unless I have some extra cash to splurge on a fancy dinner. The price would have actually been pretty reasonable if we had not gotten the Wine, which was $48.

I thought they did a great job cooking my steak, and I wouldn't mind tackling the Porterhouse if I have the chance to dine here again.

Final Thoughts:-great steak, cooked perfectly
-professional wait staff
-very pricey
-feel free to take me anytime

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