Monday, March 7, 2011

Steak Tartare - Paris, France

Steak Tartare

What possessed me to want to eat raw meat I do not know. I kind of had a bucket list of food I wanted to eat while I was on vacation in Europe. Steak or Beef tartare was one of the items on that list. I knew that if I saw it on a restaurants menu, I was definitely going there.
My girlfriend and I had been wandering around the Champes Elysees after finishing a tour and a nap outside of the Louvre.
Dining in Europe is a lot different than North America. I am so used to having a meal in 1 hour. We were here for probably 3. Being hardly able to speak French didn't help either.
Anyways, with Steak tartare on the menu I could not turn it down.

So how was this infamous Steak tartare?
Well, the texture in your mouth felt like you were chowing down on raw ground beef.
Taste wise there really wasn't much there. On it's on the taste was very bland. Mixing it with the capers, mustard, onions and parmesan cheese however turned out to taste pretty good.
I don't think I would try this meal in m hometown of Vancouver. I imagine beef in Europe is a lot healthier than what we get here and safer to eat raw. I like my cows grass fed and au natural.

If you're up for something new give Steak Tartar a try.

* I would not recommend making this yourself *
Yours truly learning how to be like a Parisian


  1. I mean, I just don't find the idea of eating raw hamburger essentially...raw appealing.



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