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Disney World Orlando Trip, First Official Day, Covington Mill, Sci Fi Dine In, Millers Alehouse

Wooo!! First official full day in Orlando, the park of choice, Disney's Hollywood Studios!
This was my first time being in either Disney Land or Disney World so I was super stoked to experience the parks and eat some food.

Breakfast started off in the hotel (Hilton Lake Buena Vista) at Covington Mill Restaurant.
Covington Mill on Urbanspoon

I took a quick picture of the layout of the table, it was nice enough, no screaming kids made it a very relaxing place to have breakfast. They had a Continental Buffet and an American Buffet but we chose to order of the regular menu to save some money.

Menu Link:

I was quite hungry so I ordered The Traditional Breakfast- two eggs/breakfast potatoes/sausage links/mini yogurt parfait.

I thought the dish was presented quite nicely. The potatoes came served in a mini skillet which I thought was awesome and the yogurt parfait looked kind of cool. Quality wise it wasn't anything special though. I've never had scrambled eggs at a restaurant that I've liked, they're either made from powder or cooked too long. The breakfast potatoes were really good and I enjoyed the sausage (sounds kind of bad I know).

I though I would take a close up of the breakfast potatoes. I enjoyed looking at it, I know I am lame but it was a very interesting side dish.

I also took a close up of the yogurt parfait. I am not a fan of parfaits so I just ate the fruit from it and left the rest.

Again with this dish I enjoyed the presentation and thought it was "cute" (I think that's the best word to describe it).

Finally on to the theme park. Naturally I had looked into what restaurants were at the different parks and I thought The Sci Fi Dine In Theatre would be an interesting place to eat. Basically in this restaurant you sit in little car booths and it's set up like you're at a drive-in theatre. It was fairly dark inside, not the best for pictures but I think I did alright. The wait was about 15 minutes which wasn't bad considering it was about 1pm and it was peak lunch time. Instead of being "seated" at our table we were "parked" heh heh...

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater on Urbanspoon

I just thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures of what it looked like inside, I don't know these people but you can see how they are sitting in cars..the waiters were all dressed in older garb which I thought added to the experience and some had roller skates on...insane!

One last picture of the inside and then I'll get onto the food I promise. So the screen was playing very old cheesy movie previews from the 40's and 50's. I thought it was funny seeing all these alien science fiction movie previews of what people thought space was like before we had landed on the moon. A lot of imaginative people back in those days.

For food we shared Ribs with two sides. The ribs were apparently marinated in coke..I'm surprised it didn't dissolve them completely. They were one of the pricier items on the menu so we thought we would just split them. The coleslaw was average and the ribs were pretty good. I have had better but they were pretty solid.

The other side we got was a cucumber salad. It was sweet and vinegary. Not a lot to say about it, it was pretty much cucumber and red onion..with dressing. I wasn't super satisfied with the meal, I thought for a Disney restaurant it should have been better but I love eating so I can't complain. They also served vanilla and cherry coke which was awesome.

Dinner we ate outside of the park. Our cab drive recommended a place called Millers Alehouse. We were promised cheap lobster and lots of food for good prices.
Miller's Ale House Restaurant on Urbanspoon This place was a Sport's bar with super cheap drinks ($3 pints yikes!) and a huge menu. The special of the day was a lobster dish but unfortunately they were sold out of that particular entree, they did still have lobster though.

Link to the menu: *worth checking out

I felt like steak so I ordered the 12oz Choice Ribeye. I also substituted onion rings for fries because I love them. I believe my meal was under $13 which is pretty darn good for a nice big piece of meat. The steak was decent quality too, I quite enjoyed it and it was a great addition to the day. Of course I got it cooked medium rare and I'd say it was cooked pretty close to that.

My girlfriend went with the Twin Lobster Tails. I think this entree cost around $16-17, not bad for lobster.
She said she really enjoyed it, I didn't get to try any to give my opinion though. I had a tough time deciding what to eat because the menu had so many dishes that sounded great, I wish they could have just cut the menu in half to save me the anxiety of choosing what to eat. There were three other people eating with us but I didn't know two of them very well so I didn't take pictures of their meals, more lobsters and seafood was had and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was pretty packed in there and it seems like it was a favorite for locals in the area.

I apologize for the quality of this picture, not the greatest I know. We shared dessert between five of us, which worked great for me since I'm not huge on sweets and can only take so much. This dessert was called Captain Jacks Buried Treasure. I thought it was pretty good but I could only take a couple bites, too much sugar! We only ended up eating here once, I would have gone back but we wanted to try lots of different places. This is also were we choice to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, a bit disappointing losing in enemy territory.
There you have it, my first full day in Orlando. I hope you enjoy reading about my trip because there's much more to come. Leave a comment or any experiences dining in Disney if you feel obliged to, thanks!

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