Friday, February 11, 2011

Sushi Garden- Burnaby

Sushi Garden (Lougheed) on Urbanspoon
After arriving home from Whistler, stomachs rumbling my girlfriend and I rolled
down along Lougheed highway to this sushi place she said was good.
I have driven by this place many times before
but have not had any inclination to eat there
partly because it was located next to a Staples and a 
Churches Chicken (not exactly my idea of quality food).
It was a Sunday afternoon so the place was busy.
We waited a good 15 minutes and were seated.
The menu was pretty good, I looked the combo section because
it usually gets you the most food for the price.

I ordered the Tuna and Salmon Combo with gyoza to start,
my girlfriend the Yam Tempura rolls and four peices of Salmon Nigiri Sushi.

Tuna and Salmon Combo

The sushi was good. Nothing spectacular though. Tasted just like any other place. I will definately be coming
back seeing how the location is so close and the prices are reasonable. $23 for two of us
eating is just fine with me.
Yam Tempura Roll
If you live in the Burnaby area give it a try. There will be crowds around lunch
and dinner time so either order out or make a reservation.


  1. ive never tried sushi but i kinda want to now. whenever you have to wait to get a seat thats usually a good sign that the food is good!

  2. I friggin love sushi, and you just succeed in making me jealous

  3. i am really picky about sushi, because i got violently ill from one place i went to. the gyoza looks awesome though, i love those things.



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