Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sushi Garden - Burnaby

Sushi Garden is a close by spot that I have been to once before and have been wanting to return for quite some time. Not wanting to cook food after school gave me the perfect opportunity to drag my girlfriend for a quick dinner.

It was around 5pm and it wasn't too busy so we were seated right away.

We started with the House Salad
There is something about the dressing they use in Japanese restaurants that I love. A very big salad and it was perfect to share. We both enjoyed it.

Next up came some Spicy Agedashi Tofu

I don't eat tofu..fermented soy beans, not thing. However, this dish was delicious. The crispy exterior and the sauce made this dish edible for me since I can't do straight up tofu, but I will order this again.

The order: Bill's Roll, Avocado Roll, House Roll, and Spicy Tuna Roll
We tend to opt towards ordering an assortment of rolls to share, rather than getting separate items solely for ourselves. The spicy tuna rolls were great, I am a sucker for these and they rarely disappoint.

House Roll - Lots of stuff, tuna, salmon, crab, some yellow thing?
I liked that they top their bigger rolls with tobiko, it adds some extra colour. I liked this roll, it was a bit of a mouth full but I managed to make short work of these. I am glad that we came back to Sushi Garden because I enjoyed the sushi here so it's good to know we have a nice spot close to home.

Bill's Roll - Yam & Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon is always a great addition flavor wise to a roll. My girlfriend ordered this one so she ate the majority of them but of the few I tried they were good. Again this one had fish roe on it which I liked.

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