Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cora - Coquitlam

Just as it felt as if we were finally going to have some sun, Summer was nearing its end.
Before heading to White Pine beach, Jess and myself decided to try out Cora's in Coquitlam.
I don't consider myself a fruity kind of guy, but fruit is apparently the main attraction at this place.
I checked out a couple reviews of the place and was quite weirded out when I saw someone I knew in the background of a picture from a fellow bloggers site. This struck me as kind of odd but it didn't scare me away from coming here.

Just as we got seated by the hostess something funny happened, you know the friend I recognized in the other bloggers picture? Well she just so happened to work here and was our waitress...it all made sense now.

Drinks! I love smoothies so I had to start off with one. I went with a Strawberry Banana one. It was perfect since it was so hot out. I liked that they use yogurt in the smoothies so I can get a little protein..at home I usually use raw eggs and whey powder (sorry if I've grossed anyone out). Even thought I ordered a fruit smoothie, they garnished it with pineapple, and there was some cantaloupe at the base...This alone was probably the most fruit I've had in the last month.

Jess got the Fruit Cocktail, she did not get any pineapple garnish on hers..heh heh! While we sipped away at our drinks, we had the daunting task of deciding what to eat. I usually like things pretty simple and have some general criteria when I make my choices. If I'm doing breakfast I gotta have eggs, some kind of meat, and the rest can be whatever..not too difficult.
Jess however does not come to decisions as easily as me so it took her some time.
I was stuck between two choices but our waitress/friend recommended one over the other so I was sold.
I got a Ham and Cheese Breakfast Burrito/Omelet.

Boom more fruit. I knew I wouldn't be finished with it yet. Besides the burrito, there was banana slices, strawberries, and a few pieces of kiwi. The burrito itself was good but there was nothing over the top spectacular about it. I would like to try something else on the menu next time.

My girlfriend got a Raspberry Crepe.
I did not try any of it, but it got her seal of approval...however she did not finish it so who knows.
I was surprisingly full from my meal or else I would have jumped at the chance to finish hers.

Final Thoughts:-if you enjoy fruit, this place is for you
-if you enjoy regular breakfast food, this place could still be for you
-solid food, good portions, nothing spectacular though.

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