Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cactus Club - Coquitlam (Schoolhouse/Lougheed)

Cactus Club Cafe
101 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam, BC

Quick post, been a, life, all that stuff got in the way. Today the lady and
I headed to Cactus Club in Coquitlam for a quick bite.

They have a decent patio to sit and relax in, we went around 4:30pm and
had the place pretty much all to ourselves.

The Brazilian - fresh muddled kiwi, lime, sugar cane, shaken with bacardi white rum and soda, on the rocks

Beer, it was on special, nice clean taste, easy to drink..too easy..

Rob's Goat Cheese Flatbread - camrelized onions, grape tomatoes, basil pesto, wild arugula, balsamic glaze
We usually order the same thing when we come here...if it has goat cheese on it, chances are we will get it. This is a nice start to the meal, the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar goes nicely with the goat cheese.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl - sauteed mixed vegetables, spicy yoghurt, braised red cabbage
We decided to share this. I'm not a fan of the water chestnuts but it is a pretty solid dish. Between the two of us the appy and entree were enough to leave us pleasantly satisfied.  Despite having a consistent income, I like to be cheap and share an entree.

Final Thoughts:
-I'm sure most people reading this have been to Cactus Club
so nothing new to report.
-Good food, good service, no surprises.
-They have some good drink specials throughout the week.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Boat House - White Rock, B.C.

4935 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC V4B 1C3

The Woman and I stopped by the Boat House in White Rock recently for some in between Wedding Ceremony & Reception eats.

Being that it was 4pm it was pretty quiet, so we grabbed a nice spot on the roof-top patio.

The Jalapeno Cesar $8.49 was great. Awesome drinks with a view...sometimes
life can be pretty tough.

We got a couple starters, one being the Ahi Tuna Tacos $13.99. These were great and thankfully it came with four so there was no resentment between how many we got to eat. They were not very filling but they tasted fantastic.

The Yam Fries $7.99 came with a masala curry ketchup and harissa mayo. I normally avoid ketchup
on everything but this stuff was good. A good value? Perhaps not, but my girlfriend and I both enjoyed them.

I feel like you could spend a lot of money here if you don't watch out. When I go out i'd prefer to just get a couple smaller items and share them so I was happy with what I got here.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kitsaya Sushi - Kitsilano

Kitsaya Sushi
3105 West Broadway Vancouver, B.C.

I used to come here when it was called Kitsilano Sushi..I don't know when they changed names
but it had been a good 6 or 7 years since I had last come here. Much to the dismay of the servers, my dad and I (being frugal) would order their 18 piece sushi special and split it between the two of us.

I started coming back here in the Summer of 2012 and it was pretty much the same as I remember, they still had their $5.95 special, and now being a cheap student I would still get it.

My heart broke a little bit on this particular visit. Sometime in the last two months they changed
the $5.95 price to $6.95. I'm not sure which emotion I should be feeling..anger?..sadness? .. betrayal?
All kidding aside, I came for an early lunch and went with the special anyways.

So what does $6.95 now get you?

6 piece california roll
6 piece yam tempura roll
6 piece tuna roll
miso soup

I find the rolls to be usually pretty good quality here. I find they have made them a bit bigger
which may seem like a good thing but personally prefer a bit smaller.
For $7 I was satiated nicely and have no complaints.
I'm a little choked about the price increase, but they have had that going on for years and years and
eventually people raise their prices. 

In case anyone cares about miso soup (I know I do) here it is.
A funny little anecdote, a young girl, no older than 3 was having lunch
with her mom at the same time. When the waitress came to take their order,
she ever so quite elequently asked for miso soup, and yummy soba.I think
it was supposed to be yaki-soba but I can't deny that it is not yummy. I thought it was
cute/funny...don't judge me!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

131 Water Kitchen and Bar - Gastown (Poutine Challenge)

131 Water Street, Vancouver 

131 Water Kitchen and Bar - Gastown

In the last few years, I feel like I've walked by this place dozens of times without giving it a second glance. The cheap student in me just assumed that I could not afford to eat or have a drink here (it always looks pretty darn nice when I walk by at night).

Perfect weather for a day in Gastown

After reading over the Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge List, I was intrigued by a Crispy Chicken and Waffle poutine. At a modest price of $10 I thought hey why not check it out this afternoon...I can do ten bucks,

This Inside

It was 1:30 pm when we arrived and the restaurant, along with the rest of downtown Vancouver was pretty darn quiet (I guess Vancouver was not the destination for people's family days holiday). We were seated right away and had a nice view of the street.

Crispy Chicken and Waffle Poutine - Hand cut fries, belgian waffle, cheese curds, breaded fried chicken smothered in white pepper gravy & finished with fresh cilantro $10.
I really enjoyed this Poutine. The chicken was crisp and moist, the white pepper gravy was excellent, fries had a nice crisp outside, and everything came together well. I don't know if the waffle was necessary but it worked nevertheless. For the price I thought it was a good deal, as we shared it between three of us, and were all satisfied.

We were just in for a light snack so we thought we would try one more item off the menu.
Fried pickles are a favorite of my girlfriend and I's so we like to try them at different places. Unfortunately most restaurants/bars don't make them in the round form which we prefer. These were good though, they were about $6 which I guess could seem a little high but we enjoyed them so no complaints.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Surrey/Delta

Krispy Kreme

 7153 120 Street, Delta, BC V4E 2A9(604) 507-8803 

My hometown of Delta hosts the only Krispy Kreme (that I am aware of)
in British Columbia. I remember being 13 when it first opened and large crowds
gathered to get their hands on these sweet treats. I can't remember how many doughnuts I ate that opening night but being so young I did not hold back.

Tim Horton's is the go to place for most of us in B.C. but I think it is nice to change things up a bit and  see what else is out there. My girlfriend likes to bring up that I have a Krispy Kreme near my house
so when we in Delta we find ourselves going in every now and then for some gluttonous fun.

I think it is a pretty nice looking store, kind of a diner feel on the interior. You also get to see the doughnuts being made on a large conveyor belt which can be interesting (If the light is on outside it means they are making them).

As for the actual doughnuts, I find them to be pretty sweet. Eating more than two in a sitting can be quite the challenge (I may just be a wimp) but they are quite good. They have a pretty good variey and their regular glazed doughnuts are always a nice treat.They are a bit pricier than Timmy's which may explain why the store is usually not that busy, that and the fact that Scottsdale Mall does not have many stores to draw people to the area.

If you are in the neighborhood and looking for something sweet, it is always fun to get a variety of doughnuts that you have not tried before. You can't miss the store driving down Scott Road.

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