Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kits Sushi (Kitsilano)

Kits Sushi,
1518 Yew Street, Vancouver

Sushi = Good
Beach= Good
Sushi + Beach = Good Good

Kits Sushi is just off of Cornwall on Yew street. A prime location right by Kits Beach surrounded
by good other establishments like Hapa, Nook, and Local.

I come here every now and then since I just work down the street and get
there 2 item + miso soup $6.95 special.

Miso Soup

Miso soup...what to say, it is good, that's it.

Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Tempura Roll

You have the option to choose from a number of menu items. I am a sucker for Spicy Tuna Rolls
so I naturally chose it. Spicy Tuna Roll is quite good here, the Salmon Tempura roll was kind of 'bleh' but otherwise good. I have no really tried much else off of the menu
so cannot comment on how other things are.

Good quick eats
Does not break the bank
Middle of the road Sushi Spot

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