Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greedy Pig - Gastown

The Greedy Pig is a little spot in Gastown that servers Sandwiches and Soups.
I had been once last year and something about the space really drew me to it, so when I was in Gastown this passed weekend, I decided to take my girlfriend for lunch here.

The dining space is fairly dark, with a long narrow shape.
Somehow we ended up in the same seat we were at over a year ago..funny how that works
We had a budget lunch so we decided to split a sandwich and some soup.

We opted for the Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ Tomato and Fennel Soup.The portion you see was half of what you would get since they were nice enough to actually split it in half on two separate plates. Everything was very good, the soup was great..however the soup I had the last time I was there was beyond excellent..and I don't remember what it was called!! uggh.

This is a great place to get lunch and I will be coming back to try their Reuben in the future.

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