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Disney World Orlando Trip, Second Day, Typhoon Lagoon

Ah, our second full day in Orlando. On the activity menu today was Disney's Typhoon Lagoon which is a Disney sized water park. A long day meant getting some nourishment. I knew there was a place near our hotel called Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, it was a chain restaurant along the lines of Denny's or IHOP.
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The restaurant had a very old homely feel to it, I thought it felt like a diner or some place. I just took this pic to show the syrup and to show what the surface of the tables looked like..reminded me of my old house which was built in the 70's.
I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict, which came with hash browns and a side of fruit (I was asked if I wanted a muffin instead of thanks). I would have liked the eggs benedict but the english muffins were so heavily drenched in margarine that when I would have a bite that was all I could taste. The eggs were cooked fine and the hash browns were good I just couldn't handle the margarine flavour.

My girlfriend went with the Belgian Waffle, she quickly buttered it before I could take a picture so the mess you see to the left is her ruining the aesthetics. She just got it with powdered sugar on top.

She also got a side of bacon to accompany her meal. The menu at Perkins did have a lot of different options and many things looked good, I think next time I would add some specifics to my meal, like leave the butter/margarine off the english muffin. It was pretty cheap for both of us to eat breakfast, about $20 which considering that we were pretty much in Disney that amount of money is nice to spend on two people. Walking back to the hotel we both agreed that lunch would be a little healthier because I could not handle any more grease for a couple hours.

Next up was Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. After some frolicking in the water we sat down to have a snack. To the left is a picture of the sitting area where we were eating. This park had a really cool lay out, the theme was a ship wreck kind of deal and it was done quite well.

One last view of the park before the food (just in case anybody is interested and may want to go someday). The picture on the right here shows one of the largest outdoor wave pools in North America. This thing was awesome, you'd here a sound like thunder and then hear people screaming because of the huge wave coming at them. Quite a cool thing to watch/be in.. check it out on youtube if you feel like it.

Staying true to our previous words we ordered something a little healthier. I ordered a chicken cesar wrap with a healthy side of fries and a coke, and my girlfriend got a chicken cesar salad bowl. I just put the one picture of the wrap because everyone knows what fries and coke look like and I don't want to bore anybody more than they already are.

After some more fun in the sun and water we headed back to the hotel. We thought that since the pool bar was still open that pre dinner drinks and snacks were in order. My girlfriend had to go up and order since I'm under 21 still (a shame) and we got some chips and salsa to snack on. The multi coloured chips made them taste even better and the salsa was nice and refreshing.
made to order salsa yum yum
Raspberry Margarita
(left: passonfruit vodka lemonade, right: pina coloda)

I must say dinner was the real highlight (in terms of food) for the day. We decided to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel called Benihana. 
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Benihana is a teppanyaki/sushi restaurant where the food is cooked in front of you and the chef does tricks with utensils. I have been to a place like this in Vancouver a couple times and quite enjoyed it.
We were seated at a table with another group of people since there was only the two of us dining.

We started off with an order of Beef Sashimi. I enjoyed it but I think I like the beef sashimi better at some of the AYCE restaurants in Vancouver. The meat was a little tougher than I was used to but it was still quite tasty and we quickly dispersed of it.

Next up was there Las Vegas Roll. This was really really good. It consisted of salmon, avocado, jalapeno, spicy sauce on top (deep fried). We figured we would try ordering something different that we had never tried before and it turned out to be a good choice.

For the teppanyaki portion of the meal I ordered the Filet Mignon cooked medium rare. Of course the meal came with your standard onion soup. Nothing too special about the soup, it was tasty but nothing to go crazy over.

Next there was the salad. Very similar to the one at the restaurant I've been to in Vancouver. I really like the dressing they put on the salad, I find it very good and refreshing.

Shrimp appetizer anyone? yumm these shrimp were so tasty. Of course the chef did the regular tricks flipping the shrimp tails into his hat and what not, I always enjoy watching that. I don't remember what he added to the shrimp but they were very good and a nice appetizer.

I had some trouble getting a good picture of the filet when it was plated. I had to use the flash which kind of made a cool picture because of the design on the plate. This steak tasted so good, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time I ate it..seriously.. I don't smile often either. I wish I had three times as much to eat but unfortunately that was not the case.

Lastly for dessert we ordered the Tempura Fried Banana.  I had never had deep fried banana before and I thought it was actually pretty good. I didn't think I would enjoy it but it had a nice taste to it. I enjoyed the ice cream because man it was such a hot day and I needed to be cool. It was actually one of the girls birthdays at our table and the staff brought out a little cake and candle and sang happy birthday in Japanese.

They also took a picture of their group, and they then invited us to be in their picture and the manager printed and framed the pictures right there in the restaurant and gave us a copy aha.
There you can see my girlfriend and I on the left, looking awkward with some ladies we don't really know..oh well we had fun.

There you have it, our second full day in that was exhausting writing all of this, I hope you enjoyed reading it and stay tuned for much more!

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