Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Orlando, Day 1 eats at the Airport and a half day

If you have ever taken a red eye flight you know that they are not very pleasant, departing Vancouver at 11:30 pm and arriving in Montreal sometime around 7 (their time) meant no food served on the flight. To counteract this short fast on the plane the party I was travelling with (girlfriend and her mother) decided to get some eats at the Monk's Grill located at Vancouver International Airport.
 Burger - about $12
Naturally I ordered a burger, I wanted something fairly cheap and filling to last me on this late night torturous flight. The burger was fairly ordinary and I enjoyed it. The bun was a little different than what I am used (which I liked) and the patty was pretty thick. The fries I wasn't a fan of, too thick and not enough crunch to them imo.

Chicken Wings- with franks red hot sauce for dip
The chicken wings were breaded with a corn meal crusted batter which I actually really enjoyed. It gave the exterior a nice crunchiness and who doesn't love franks red hot sauce?

After we finished our meal we boarded our flight and after a couple hours delay in Montreal (heard enough terrible french for a lifetime) we got onto our flight and landed in Orlando.

It was so very hot in Orlando, I felt like a blow dryer was aimed at my face as soon as we stepped outside, luckily the cab had AC. Our driver recommended a Mexican restaurant for dinner called Chevy's. It ended up being only a 15 or so minute walk from our hotel which was just fine with me because I wanted to see the area.

We were staying at the Hilton right near Downtown Disney in the Lake Buena Vista area.
Disney/Lake Buena Vista

I was famished by this point so we ordered pretty quickly as we devoured the insane amounts of complimentary chips and salsa. To drink, lime margaritas of course.

I ordered from a three course meal deal for $11.99. I started off with Homemade Tortilla Soup.

I wasn't really impressed with this, I was hoping for something like I've had had some of Vancouver's restaurants unfortunately this was fairly bland tasting.

For my main dish I chose two tacos, a slow roasted beef and a picadillo beef taco in a hard shell.

I thought these were very tasty and quite enjoyed eating them. The lighting in the restaurant wasn't the best so I apologize that most of the pictures aren't the greatest quality.

For dessert I got the deep fried ice cream.

I had gotten this once while I was in Palm springs and didn`t enjoy it but I thought i`d give it a try again anyways. I did actually enjoy it this time, it was quite tasty.

My girlfriend`s mother ordered the catch of the day which was fresh Atlantic salmon with mango salsa.

My girlfriend ordered a two item combo with chili relenos and an enchilada

Final Thoughts: I would probably skip chevy`s next time i`m in the area, yes it was cheap and filling but the quality wasn`t really there. I liked it but not enough to make me want to come back.

*This blog post was pretty short because I don`t have the energy to right an essay at the moment.
Please say tuned for my posts on my week in Orlando, I promise there will be some good eats in the following posts and nice pictures!!

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