Monday, June 13, 2011

Subeez Cafe Restaurant Bar (Yaletown)

The day began at Eat Vancouver, It was my first time going because last year due to circumstances I couldn't go. I thought for a $16 ticket ($14 online) it was a very good deal and I got to try a lot of good samples (llama jerky was a first for me).

My girlfriend had an appointment at a spa in Yaletown late afternoon which left me wandering about. I was soaking up some sun on Marinaside but I knew that I would have to eat again soon. We were going to go to Moxie's because it was on the way to Stadium sky train station but while we were walking Homer St. I saw a cafe and looked at the menu.
I had never heard of the Subeez Cafe but the menu looked good and I liked the name so we decided to stop in for a quick bite.

chicken & brie sandwich -
chicken breast, brie, baguette, demi‑gla├že, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle. $13
I didn't really get a good look at the interior because I wanted to eat outside so we grabbed a table outdoors and ordered.
My girlfriend didn't end up ordering anything because she wasn't very hungry..she wasn't very hungry until she started eating my french fries (I think she was lying). I can honestly say that the fries that came with the sandwhich were the best I've ever had...ever. If I had known how good they were I would have ordered a side dish of them, so perfectly crisp and delicious, my stomach is rumbling just thinking about them.
 I'm not sure if there was a special seasoning on them but they were fantastic.

chicken & brie sandwich
 The sandwich itself contained a nice plump and juicy chicken breast which I was happy about, I like my meat (please don't take that in the wrong way). I found it hard to taste the brie, but brie doesn't really have a strong flavor to begin with I guess. I really enjoyed my meal here and wish I had heard about this place sooner, I guess we just got lucky walking to the sky train a certain way to stumble across this place. The inside looked quite big and I am sure it is a pretty popular local spot. The other sandwiches on the menu looked delicious as well and I would love to try them.

Final Thoughts:  Best fries hands down, I didn't have anything else on the menu but I really enjoyed my dish. Prices aren't that bad, I feel like for the quality the price was well worth it. The space is fairly large and it looks like it could be a fun place at night, I beleive it is a cafe/restaurant/bar.

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