Friday, June 10, 2011

Belgian Fries (Commercial Drive)

Today I was over at UBC talking to an advisor trying to figure September out. As I was taking the bus back my mind was on one thing, the pursuit of food. I had to go to Commercial station so I thought I would take my time and walk along the Drive to find something to eat. Being a little lazy I stopped at one of the first places I saw that was open.

I have been to Belgian Fries twice in the past and remembered it being pretty solid, although I wasn't huge on their poutine but the burger I had was a good and I like the interior.

I saw a sign with Friday Specials on it, being cheap I got the cheapest one. For under $6 you got a hot dog, fries, and dip, not a bad deal says I.
The hot dog was a decent size, I should have taken a pic before I covered it in toppings, onions, sauerkraut, jalapenos and mustard/ketchup. Taste wise is was nothing special, just a hot dog nothing too fancy.

Wow there was a lot of fries, I was expecting a small side order but
these definitely could have been shared between too people. The fries were pretty good, crispy outside and soft inside, I do prefer thinner fries over thicker ones that would be my only complaint.

I chose the hot garlic dip to smother my fries with. I think it should just be called garlic dip I didn't really get much hotness from it. I think it was just mayo with some garlic flavor added to it. It was good though I like having something to add more flavor to my fries.

Final Thoughts: I'm not crazy about this place but it's pretty good, I think it would be good a good place to enjoy a beer and a quick snack before or after a night out.
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