Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sushi California- Coquitlam

Smoked Salmon and Roasted Garlic Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll

Sushi California is rated very high on Urbanspoon, I thought I must check it out. My girlfriend lives close by so I thought it would be a perfect spot for lunch. Reading reviews I noticed that it can get busy around this time so I planned to show up just a little before 12.

After having Dance class in the morning (yes it's a College course) and working out at the gym I was absolutely ravenous. Leaving New Westminster we quickly drove to Coquitlam to enjoy some sushi.
Smoked Salmon Roasted Garlic roll
I realized that I have eaten at the Denny's right across the street and didn't even notice this place. The menu was good, the prices were very reasonable and you got 8 rolls per order which is pretty awesome. The nigiri sushi was a good deal as well. There was some interesting rolls on the menu, some that you wouldn't get at most regular places. We ordered the Smoked Salmon and roasted Garlic roll, the Spicy Tuna roll (I love spicy tuna so I always have to get it), and the Deep Fried Cali roll (something different so I figured we would try it. We also ordered two pieces of Salmon Nigiri, at $1.20 per pop these were a very good deal.

Salmon Nigiri

Thoughts on the sushi. I loved the spicy tuna roll, it was one of the cheaper ones too. There was a nice thick piece of tuna and the spicy sauce was great. I really like the Smoked Salmon roll as well. I have never had roasted garlic on a sushi roll so this was a new experience.

Deep Fried Cali roll

"I am kind of mixed on Salmon now. In brackets beside the Salmon Nigiri it said it's from the Atlantic, something I have learned is that if you get salmon from the Atlantic ocean at a restaurant, it is more than likely a farmed fish. Fish farming? That doesn't sound too bad does it? Well these Atlantic salmon aren't fed a natural diet like they'd get in the wild so are not very healthy even though people may believe them to be. Pacific Salmon however can not be farmed and can only live in their natural way.
Sorry for ranting about this, I just want to bring this to people's attention, do some research of your own if it interests you". - Peter

Deep Fried Cali roll

Back to the sushi!
The Deep Fried Cali roll was tasty, however there was this sauce on it as you can see in the pictures. It was a sweet sauce and I don't think it complemented the sushi very well. My girlfriend said that she would order the roll again but ask for it without the sauce. I agreed.

As we had just finished our meal it started getting busy. Lucky for us we beat the lunch rush and were on our way before the madness ensued.
I will be coming back here for sure. They serve 8 pieces of sushi per order and that Spicy Tuna roll was awesome. To sum things up about my Sushi California experience I would have to say... Order the Spicy Tuna!

**Update 04/17/2011- this place is open till 1am on Friday and Saturdays, 11pm on Sunday, and 9:30 Mon-Thurs pretty aswesome hours. I treated myself to some late night sushi Sunday night
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