Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Billy's Steak House - Burnaby North

Scallops Al Forno

Little Billy's Restaurant is in Burnaby on Hastings. This little spot is very close to my girlfriends house, and after a day of renovating their house, her parents took us there for dinner.

I would say there menu selection includes traditional steak house favorites, along with a selection of Greek items.

Honestly, I have driven by this place quite a few times and had no idea it existed, price wise I wouldn't be able to visit that often but I am quite glad we got the opportunity to go.

I ordered the Scallops Al Forno described on the menu as, Pan Seared al forno diver scallops in a creamy dill reduction and smoked salmon.The menu had actually changed slightly and the one I ordered excluded the dill, and instead had cheese and bacon in it...delicious.
The scallops were plump and juicy, and the rest of the flavors mingled together perfectly together.

The complimentary bread was perfect to dip into the leftover sauce. So tasty.

I only took pictures of my meal, but my girlfriend ordered the Ahi Tuna, her father got the Paidakia Ribs, and her mother opted for the Beef Tenderloin. Everyone really enjoyed their meals and it was a very relaxed enjoyable way to end the day.

We did order dessert, the Chocolate Cake, however between 4 of us (my girlfriend only had one bite) we could not finish it..it was massive.

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