Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gohan Japanese - Brentwood, Burnaby

Gohan sushi. I instantly liked the name, being born in 1990 when I was a young kid I would watch the show dragon ball z. Gohan was the name of a character in it which I found amusing.. I wonder if the restaurant was named after him.. anyways enough rambling. This restaurant is easy to miss. It is near Brentwood Mall, but you can't see it while driving on Lougheed, it is on Rosser avenue and Halifax. If you don't know where that is, it is right by the Joey's and the newly opened Browns Social House in that area.

They had a $12.95 Dinner Special I chose Option B. The combo included:
Garlic Tuna Tataki
Miso Soup & Green Salad
Dynamite Roll + Spicy Tuna Roll
3 Pieces of Nigiri

The Miso Soup came out first. I quite enjoy miso soup and this was just like any other I have had..meaning it was good. My girlfriend and I sipped on this while we waited for the rest of the food to come out. I have bought miso soup from the store before but it is never that good..I wish I knew how to make it myself.

The Garlic Tuna Tataki, wow what a treat. Perfectly cooked, fresh, great sauce, tasty garlic. Such a good item. Since this was part of the Dinner Combo it was a smaller size than if you had ordered it a la carte. Next time I think I will order this on it's own because it was delicious. My girlfriend was nice enough to let me eat two since there was an odd number of pieces.

The Green Salad came served with a slice of pineapple and I guess you could call it a potato croquette? I love the dressing the put on green salads at Japanese restaurants. I thought the potato ball was very good. I thought it was going to be fish for some reason so when I bit into it my brain got confused because I was expecting a different flavor.

Onto the good stuff..I always try out the spicy tuna roll first, without any soya sauce or wasabi on it so I can see how it rates on my scale..if you didn't know, spicy tuna rolls are my absolute favorite for some reason. These ones were great, I loved the spicy sauce they used and the tuna was very fresh..I hate it when it is mushy and warm...this roll was awesome. The Dynamite rolls were very good as well. The ingredients used tasted fresh and the rolls were made so they didn't fall apart. The Nigiri tasted like most places, it was good though.

We also ordered one roll from their specialty menu, the Canuck Roll. I am trying to remember what was in it now, I know there was salmon, avocado, possibly cream cheese, and a lightly fried batter on the outside. I was a little disappointed with the roll. For almost $8 it wasn't what I expected, The outside was a little soft, I was expecting crispy and I wasn't a huge fan of the sweet sauce that was drizzled on it. It was a good roll but not worth the price tag imo.

Lastly, my girlfriend ordered the tofu steaks. I am a not big tofu eating but I decided I would try a piece..yep definitely not for me. My girlfriend does like tofu but unfortunately she didn't like this. I think she would have been a bigger fan of Agedashi Tofu instead. I think she likes it crispy and this was soft and mushy.
Final Thoughts:-The Garlic Tuna Tataki is awesome!
- The dinner combo's are a pretty good value
- Fresh Quality Ingredients
- Tofu steaks are not for me.

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  1. Ive been to Gohan once too.. another resto we both have gone too haha. Spicy Tuna rolls are my fave too, & I also dont start with soya or wasabi... I rarely actually use it, as most of the rolls I order have spicy sauce on them. The tuna tataki looks good, next time I visit I want to try the spicy agadashi tofu too!



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