Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fish on Rice- Burnaby

Oh the joys of being young. Getting to eat copious amounts of food and not think twice. Despite my better judgement after reading many negative reviews of Fish on Rice my stomach took over my girlfriend  and myself went out to enjoy a nice romantic dinner consisting of All You can Eat Sushi.
Often times I find myself at an Asian restaurant and not all the menu items have an english translation and it leaves me confused and worrying that I won't order the right thing...This time however I was prepared, I checked out Fish on Rice's menu and googled the Japanese words I didn't know and wrote them down on a paper to bring along so that I would actually know what I was getting.

We started off with two miso soups, two ebi sunomono and an order of gyoza
ebi sunomono
miso soup
Only complaint was with the ebi sunomono, the noodles used in it were clumped together and kind of chewy, miso soup and gyoza tasted just like any other place.

Next came some sushi cones, a chopped scallop, spicy tuna, flying fish roe, and one random one.
Sushi Cones
 I've only ever had sushi cones at All You can Eat places and these ones tasted just like any other place, I did really like the chopped scallop one.
Next the Teryiaki came. The beef and chicken one were great, I was huge on the salmon though...bones in it ugh
Beef and Chicken Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki

 I won't waste too much time talking about every single item since it is AYCE.
Vancouver, Dynamite, Beef teryiaki, spicy tuna rolls

Oyster Motoyaki
Assorted Nigiri

I liked the beef nigiri, it is not an item I have seen before at other restaurants and after eating Steak Tar Tar I have no qualms eating raw beef. I don't know why I always the Oyster Motoyaki, I never enjoy it and yet I have ordered it again..  I was a little grossed out by it this time, after getting the oyster out there was a nice pool of oil filling the cup, c'est terrible, maybe I will learn my lesson and not order those anymore.

Next up some more raw food, Tuna Tataki, and Beef Tataki.
Both were tasty. We also got beef short ribs, which I thought were pretty gross, too much fat very greasy..I guess that is what ribs are about though.
We also ordered crispy chicken skins. I was hesitant to try these because at home we could cook chicken skin and give it to the dog...not 'shudder' eat it for ourselves.
Tuna Tataki
Beef Tataki
Beef Short Ribs

I ordered five pieces of Prawn tempura..not knowing that my girlfriend didn't want any. There was a lot of batter compared to the prawn and after eating five of them I wasn't feeling too great.
Prawn Tempura
Crispy Chicken Skins

 I had ordered three things each of spicy tuna and salmon sashimi..big mistake. The tuna smelled terrible, really fishy not fresh at all. The salmon was ok but the spicy sauce they used on it was not very good. I ended up ordering way too much food that I could handle and my girlfriend sat laughing at me as I slowly struggled to eat everything.

I did not think this place was as bad  (service wise) as people said it was. Our waiter was nice and not zombie like at all. One good thing about this place was you got a free pop with the meal, which was about a dollar cheaper than other places.
Food wise there was a lot of hits and misses, there were some items done well and others that weren't. I don't see myself coming back but at least I tried somewhere new!
If you don't care about quality and wish to eat until you get sick than this place is perfect for you. I myself would prefer to spend the same amount of money and actually get something I enjoy. 

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