Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burger Heaven- New Westminster

I can't believe I have never gone here before. It is literally a 5 minute walk from Douglas College, where I have been going for nearly two years. Today I had to briefly stop by the school library to return a couple books. This seemed like a bit of waste to me, go all the way to school just to return books? yeah right I need food! Sun, shining, sun roof open on the jeep, and music blasting, I dragged my part time vegetarian girlfriend to Burger Heaven.

My eyes were instantly drawn to all the pictures and magazine articles all over the walls and tables. The surface of the tables was glass and underneath the glass there was a myriad of what seemed like family pictures. Pictures of people dining on the walls, along with newspaper articles referring to Burger Heaven gave this place a very unique sense of style. We were there around noon and there was a man with a video camera walking around. I figured he was doing a news feature on the restaurant, I was secretly hoping he would come by so I could give a shout out to my blog aha.

 The menu hosted quite an extensive list of items, they even had a Kangaroo and an Elk burger. I was very tempted because I have never had kangaroo before but not wanting to break the bank I opted for the conservative BBQ Cheddar & Bacon Burger $11.49. This is not particularly cheap for a burger, although this is a sit down restaurant so the price is about what you would pay at most places. I was expecting good things though and I eagerly awaited my food.
I was certainly not disappointed, this burger was a very  good portion for me and the patty was huge. My digestive enzymes were getting excited just looking at this thing of beauty. As you can see by the picture on the right this burger was a very good size. The BBQ sauce was a great addition and you can't go wrong with cheese and bacon. I was not very keen on the potato wedges that came with the meal but that is not what I came for. I highly recommend trying this place out, this is one of the best burgers I've had in a long time.

My girlfriend ordered the Grilled Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Sandwich and substituted a Cesar salad in place of the regular green salad. She quite enjoyed her meal and I must say it looked mighty tasty, She was not feeling generous enough to let me have a bite :(
It seems that the camera guy (I referred to near the beginning) was here because of this promotion of sorts that Burger Heaven does during elections. They had a list at each table of different burgers representing the different political parties, if you click on the picture you can read a brief description of each one. I felt the need to vote green in this particular case. I wasn't really sure if you could actually order the burgers from this special menu or if it was just for fun, I should have asked because the Duceppe Burger- Quebecois sounded pretty tasty.

There you have it, a great place to eat in New Westminster oh and I forgot to mention that they have Russels Beer on tap.. +1 from me for having Lemon Ale. Check it out!

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