Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nagano Japanese Resturant- Coquitlam

I was at Coquitlam center mall today and I had not yet eaten breakfast, it was noon and my girlfriend and I felt like some sushi.  Rather than go to T&T or go to the Food Court we looked outside the mall and saw a restaurant called Nagano. It looked modern and nice on the outside so we figured what the hey. It had just opened and we were the second customers in there.
It was nice inside and we were greeted by the staff with a phrase in Japanese I did no understand.
We were sat and had a look over the menu. The first thing I noticed was it was a lot more expensive than other places. An ebi sunomono was around $3.50 and the other items were a good deal pricier than other places.
Being on a budget we almost considered leaving to go somewhere cheaper but we were already sitting down so decided to stay.
We decided to play it cheap and share the Dynamite Combo which was advertised as Six Dynamite Rolls and Assorted Nigiri.
It was $13. Before our sushi came we were brought a bowl with two fish balls (not those kind you perverts) I was at first confused thinking our order was wrong but I guess they were free for everyone. The fish tasted a little fishy, like it wasn't the freshest.
I was not overly impressed with this. The rolls fell apart really easy which makes things a little awkward. My girlfriend ate the two pieces of salmon nigiri and she said one of them was very hard to eat, like it was frozen but not cold (does that make sense?). I thought the tuna nigiri tasted like any other ones, and I'm not sure what the piece with the seaweed wrapped around it was. The dynamite rolls were ok, not terrible, not great, just ok.

I usually am not a picky eater and don't like writing negative blog posts but after eating I was left feeling somewhat disappointed.

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  1. how dare you disrespect Mr.Pae's overlypriced sushi restuarant



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