Friday, April 1, 2011

X-Site Grill and Bistro- Burnaby North

Looking for cheap prices and big portions? Look no further because X-Site Grill and Bistro has got you covered. Located on Hastings st. In Burnaby it was a short drive from my girlfriends place.
The thing that had me focused on going here was their $4.95 Lunch Special. My girlfriend and I arrived around 1pm and were sat immediately (one table left woot woot!). The catch (which isn't really much of a catch) to have the Lunch Special is you have to purchase a drink a long with it (two iced tea's sil vous plait). Below is the lunch special menu

As you can see a pretty decent selection to choose from. I was torn between quite a few items, and considered getting two but had to calm myself down. I kept on saying "don't let the waitress come yet I won't be able to make up my mind". I finally smartened up and went with the Cheese Burger. My girlfriend, now a "part time vegetarian" ordered the Daily Soup (tomato and vegetable) & Ceasar Salad. It appeared that everyone else in the restaurant was ordering the Lunch Specials so I greedily looked around trying to find someone near me eating the Burger so I could see what it looked like. In the meantime I sipped on my ice tea, which was not too sweet just how I like it.

Being so close to Simon Fraser University I imagine this place is popular for students living close by. While waiting for our food I noticed they also have a Dinner Special Menu for $5.95. I glanced over it but can only remember seeing one item, the New York Steak, that alone has me sold on coming back soon. They also have daily drink specials, $2.95 local pints on Mondays? Yes please! Shooter madness $2.95, oh man I hope a bus comes that can get me home, not driving that night.
The food arrived and I can say at first glance I was ecstatic. I laughed at the plates they served the food on, they had little chili peppers which I thought were kind of random.
Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger
The Burger was served with tomato, lettuce, red onions, and a slice of processed cheese. The actually patty was surprisingly thick for a burger that cost virtually the same price as something from McDonalds.
I rarely don't enjoy a burger and this one pleased me. Nothing over the top special about it just a nice big burger. The Ceasar salad was nothing special, I like very strong dressings and this one lacked that. I ordered the meal for the burger though and I was very happy with it.
Tomato and Vegetable Soup

My girlfriend enjoyed her soup. I would say out of all the Lunch Specials this one didn't pack as big as a calorie punch as the others. I tried a bit of the soup and the broth was good, not a lot of vegetables but I thought it was tasty. She also got garlic bread and a ceasar salad with her meal.

One thing I noticed was the orders of the Chicken Souvlaki people were getting. They were absolutely huge! I was a little jealous after seeing the massive amounts of food on the Chicken Souvlaki time I guess.

The damage at the end including tip $18. That was including two drinks and two Lunch Specials.
This place was a great find and I will definitely be coming back for dinner/drinks soon.

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