Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Little Eatery- Whistler Village

The Little Eatery is a cozy little spot located in Whistler Village.
I had almost forgotten that I had gone here back in February while spending the weekend skiing. My girlfriend and I had a kitchen in our hotel so we tried to save money by cooking our own food. With so many restaurants everywhere it is sometimes hard to not cave in so we planned on one night of dining out. We walked through the village, which offers many choices and happened across The Little Eatery which served Fondue. We were sold on the fondue so we walked on in.
We ordered the Canadian Fondue which came with smoked salmon.
I honestly can't recall the price, their website said the Canadian Fondue was $24, I imagine it was per person not for both of us.
Below was our meal.
Complimentary Dipping Bread
Cheese Fondue
Smoked Salmon, Tomato, Olives, Carrot, Pineapple, Potato

I was a little disappointed with the fondue. I have made much better at home, for a lot cheaper too. Some of the items such as the schnitzel looked good, but I would no personally recommend the fondue. I don't want to write this restaurant off without having had any other items from the menu but I don't see myself coming back here. If I am paying $24 for food I want lots of it, and as you can see by the spread above there dipping items weren't very impressive.
The Good:Wait staff very friendly
Cozy interior

The Bad:

The food did not justify the $$

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