Sunday, March 27, 2011

Steamworks Brewing Company- Gastown

Steamworks is located in Gastown a quick walk from the Waterfront Skytrain station. The location is absolutely awesome and the restaurant has a great atmosphere. My girlfriend, C.O.W, Robout, and myself were there last night to get some food and drinks before going to the Blarney Stone.

I have been here many times and it is one of my favorite places to grab a drink. I first went with my girlfriend and we both ordered the beer samplers, which consisted of 8 of their most popular beers (one of them being the seasonal one) .They are considered a microbrewery, meaning they brew their own beer. The have the big kegs down in the basement, which is my favorite place to dine/drink.

Yam Fries

Well tonight I decided to go with my old stand by. I ordered a Pint of their seasonal beer, which was a
Hefeweizen and their Yam Fries.


The yam fries, like always were awesome. They make a balsamic vinegar reduction and drizzle it over them. The fries themself are crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.
I really like the Hefeweizen as well. I've had it once before here in September. I assume they make it differently because it's supposed to be one of their limited seasonal beers but i had it in March and September.
We shared the Calamari which I had never had here before/


At first bite I thought that there was too much salt on them. That didn't stop me from eating them though. The calamari as nice and tender. I didn't try any of the tatzsiki so I have no opinion on that. I don't normally order calamari but since it was being shared I thought why not.
C.O.W ordered the Prawn Linguine, my girlfriend got a small Cesar salad and Robout got the House Salad. I didn't bother taking pictures of the salads but I snapped a quick pic of the Prawn Linguine.

Prawn Linguine

C.O.W was kind enough to offer me a bit of the Linguine so I could give my opinion. I did not take a prawn however because that would just be rude. I thought the pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was very good. The prices are a bit high for the regular menu items so I usually don't have big meals here. I like the bar food so I just stuck with my Yam Fries. We also shared a picture of White Wine Sangria which was the drink special for Saturday.
Steamworks is a great place for drinks and at night it is a great place to go with your friends. You can get a great view of Canada Place and watch the seabus go back and forth if you're lucky.

I am looking forward to when they start making their Raspberry Frambrozen and Sour Cherry Ale in the next couple months.

Steamworks website
Steamworks Brewing Company on Urbanspoon


  1. mmm mmm looks good!

    I finished my 5th music mix. It's quite epic! Check it out =D
    Electro Addict 5th Set

  2. I always thought this place was more drinks oriented but the food actually looks pretty good!

  3. that's my motive when I usually go there..drinks drinks drinks!
    I would say the yam fries are a must try, and if you drink beer or have a friend who drinks beer get the sampler it's not on the menu



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