Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thai by Thai - North Delta/Surrey

It was a cold, rainy, November night. Driving along Scott road, something caught my eye, a sign I had never noticed before, Thai by Thai. I was not aware I could get Thai food anywhere close to home so this made me quite happy. I tried it out a week later, after checking out their website and seeing a great looking lunch special deal.

A quick shot of the interior for those interested (caution, slippery when wet).
The waitress was very nice and enjoyed my humour...unlike my girlfriend, so she gets points for that.

Onto the important stuff, the food. So during lunch they have a nice $7.50 special,
which includes; soup, a spring roll, salad, rice, and your choice from a variety of dishes.

The soup changes depending on the day, this one had tofu, lemon-grass, cilantro, and green onions. We both enjoyed it a lot, it was very good.

*A full list can be seen here

From the list of dishes to choose from I went with the, Pad Phik Khing - Stir-fried beef with spicy sauce,bell pepper, green beans, and lime leaves.

It took me a couple times to get the pronunciation right and I wisely chose a mild spiciness level.
I thought the food was great. I can't comment on how authentic it was because I have no idea what authentic Thai food tastes like, but it gets two of my Caucasian thumbs up.

My girlfriend went with the Spicy Pad Thai- Spicy stir-fried rice noodle with chicken, onion, bean sprout and ground peanut. 

She enjoyed it, and much to my disappointment she finished it all, leaving none for me..

Closing Thoughts:
-Don't let the exterior scare you away, it's great!
- Fantastic Lunch Specials
- Good value for your $$

Thai By Thai on Urbanspoon

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