Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lumberyard Rotisserie and Grill- Cannon Beach, OR

The Lumberyard

On my way back from Portland, I decided that I would take a little bit longer and drive back along the coast because..well you don't need a reason, it is beautiful.

We stopped at well known Cannon Beach for land a walk along the beach.
I love this place..the power of the waves called to me and I knew that I would have to brave the icy cold pacific waters.

We ended up going to the Lumberyard for lunch. We started off with the BBQ Pork Sliders- Our delicious, slow-simmered and pulled Pepsi barbeque pork, piled high and topped with coleslaw on 
3 toasted Grand Central Bakery mini Brioche buns with a touch of melted Tillamook Cheddar. $11.99

With a choice of fries, coleslaw, or apple sauce (kind of weird?) this was a nice little treat to enjoy, while soaking up the wonderful weather.

After having them at Hooters, my girlfriend and I had been craving Fried Pickles. at $6.99 I felt the price was a little steep, and being picky we also preferred them as rounds. We have tried to replicate them in the oven but can never figure it out just right.

After having such fantastic mac and cheese at Le Bistro Montage, we were in the mood for some more cheesy goodness. At $5.99 this Tilamook Mac and Cheese was plenty for the both of us. I love Tilamook cheese, especially since going to the factory so simply having it in the name makes this dish even better :)

That's It..They had some great looking menu items..and a burger challenge!! If I am
ever back and in a position so that I can go into a food coma afterwards I will totally be back!

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  1. I will have to stop by there if I am in Cannon Beach! Did you try the mac n cheese in Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle? Beechers Cheese shop - apparently, Oprah said its the best -



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