Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sandbar - Granville Island

The Sandbar - Granville Island
The Sandbar Restaurant 

Being the thoughtful, caring, sweet boyfriend that I am, I managed to postpone taking
my girlfriend out for a birthday dinner for an entire month. When the time finally came, we both
agreed that The Sandbar would be a good choice and that eating on the patio would be an even better choice.

Homemade Clam Chowder

To start things off I went for the a cup of the Clam Chowder. Most of my experiences with clam chowder involve a Campbell's can and a can opener so I must say this was a good change.This was a great to go with the rain outside, warmed me right up.

Spinach Salad

Up next was the Spinach Salad. The menu described it as having goat cheese and bacon on it so I really
had no choice, I was powerless and had to order it. As far as salads go this was really good. My only complain would be that the goat cheese did not have a strong enough flavour to it. I love goat cheese and would have liked to have it come out more in the salad.

Wok Squid

I was warned that the Wok Squid were delicious so I thought we may as well give them a go.
I love any type of calamari dish, and this did not dissapoint.I have heard that this is one of their popular items and it is rightly so. I actually found it hard to not just swallow each piece without chewing it..I really need to learn some table manners.

Ahi Tuna

My girlfriend decided to try the Ahi Tuna off of the Fresh Sheet. After a disappointing experience with Ahi Tuna at Gotham`s, she was very happy with this one. I did not try any of the Ahi Tuna but it seemed like a thumbs up from her.

Oyster Po-Boy

So this next item was a pretty big deal for me. I have had a weird obsession with Oyster Po-Boys for the last couple years but have yet to try one...until now. The weird thing is that I don`t even like fried oysters (raw ftw) but I have really wanted one of these. So the sandwich came with 4 decent sized oysters and a nice mound of fries. I enjoyed the sandwich but wasn`t crazy about it, I am however super happy I finally got to try one.

Belgian Chocolate Pudding

I don`t normally go for dessert but seeing how I had money to blow for once we decided to indulge ourselves and get the Chocolate Pudding. Now I could care less about dessert but my girlfriend really loved this..even days after she was still ranting about the dessert and how good it was. I did like that it wasn`t too sweet, which for me is great.

Final Thoughts:
-Although this is only my third time here I always find the service is great and the food does not dissapoint.
-It is on the pricier side but the location is great and the restaurant is very nice.
-I have never had red meat here so I can`t comment on that but the seafood is good.

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