Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favourite Summer Eats!

Summer is slowly approaching and while it is still spring, I have been thinking about the warm
weather and great food and drinks out on a nice patio. I wanted to throw together some of my favourite places to go when the sun is shining.

Ocean air...check...great scenery...check..awesome food and drink..check!
Grab yourself a cold drink, and a charcuterie plate and you are good to go.   

#2 The Sandbar, Granville Island
Yes another Sequoia Restaurant. I love coming here for there $10 Mussel,
Fries, and Beer special, awesome location tasty food.

#3 Siegel's Bagels, Kitsilano
A 24 hour shop with fresh made bagels and lots of options,
pretty close to the Planetarium and Kits Beach.

#4 Kadoya Sushi, Denman
Maybe I was just in a good mood, but this sushi joint near English bay
 had one of the best spicy tuna rolls I have ever tasted, delish!

That is it for now, I look forward to eating my way through the summer time, and with school out I can actually blog!

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  1. Sooooo weird! I litterally changed my blog over to the black with white text a few days back.. and just checked out your blog and you have the same!! I am working a on a new header though.. and saw you have one too! wow we must have both been thinking blog upgrade!



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