Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oyster (Downtown)

So I have been very behind on blogging lately...5 courses at UBC is starting to get to me, no time for the important things in eating and taking pictures of food.

So Oyster has been on my radar for a while now. I was downtown with my girlfriend walking up Howe street and I saw the words Oyster in front of a building. These instantly sparked my curiosity and I made a mental note that some day I would go there.

Well, fast forward what was most likely a year and a half later and I was going to Oytser for my first "foodie meet up" ...that does not sound manly, but when I found out they had 50 cent oysters I could not resist.

Royal Myagi

I met up with Stephanie (her blog is in the link there <-- ) and we started off with a dozen Royal Myagi's. $6.00 for a dozen, pretty darn good if you ask me.  I thought these were great, I had not eaten raw oysters for a year before this so it was a great treat to have.

They had a few different sauces to add to the oysters. I always like to try them on their own first to see what they actually taste be honest I can't recall what the sauces were so I can't provide insight to what ones I like the best.


The second round of oysters that came out were Kummaoto's. I had never had these types before so it was cool getting to try a variety. I'm pretty sure these were from somewhere in B.C. but I can't recall where...I'm sure I've been to the area before.
I think we both did not like these as much as the Royal Myagi, but they were both good!

Being the cheap guy I am, I don't know if I could reason paying full price for oysters, but at Oyster (the restaurant) they quite often have them on special pricing, whether it be 50 cents or $1/oyster.

One note, the space is pretty small...and romantic..may be a little awkward if you are meeting up with something you have never met before :P

All in all I enjoyed it and thought it was a great deal!

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  1. Sooo.. I went back here the other day.. made reservations for 4.. but it was actually 7 of us. about 6 other people there.. and guess what... it took over an hour to get oysters.. we were there over 2 hours!!!!! so after we got them, we left for Chill Winston with better service. Thankfully they were cheap, as I would be so annoyed paying full price and waiting over an hour to get them!



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