Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yaletown Brewing Co - Yaletown

I really don't mind it when my girlfriend asks me to go downtown with her to buy fabric at Dressew. With a long list of restaurants to go to I welcome any invitation to go out and if I do something nice for her, it means that she will put up with me going to a restaurant and taking pictures.

Yaletown Brewing Company was on the menu for today, I knew little about the place so I was looking forward to going. They had some nice looking beers on tap but unfortunately I can't always go hard at lunch time.

We just wanted to snack and I was drawn instantly to the Short Rib Sliders - Tender pulled beef, tangy Nagila Pale Ale BBQ sauce served on a pretzel bun.I love short ribs and I love pretzels so I knew this would be good.

Now for $11.99 I can't really call this a good deal, but man were they tasty. The sauce had a perfect amount of tangyness to it and it was a very enjoyable appetizer. I think they should include 4 of them in the price...that may just be the glutton in me talking though.
My girlfriend had actually been here once before and she knew exactly what she wanted. The Smoked Applewood Cheddar, Potato and Ale Soup - A rich and hearty soup made with our own fresh Nagila Pale Ale and topped with
smoked bacon, Crème Fraiche and green onion.Just reading the title of the soup you knew it would be good. It was so good that the next day we tried making our own version at home, we couldn't quite get the taste right :(

I really can not pass much judgement on the restaurant because we only had such a small selection of what they actually offer. We both enjoyed our food and I would love to come back to try some of the beers in the future.

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