Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joey Bentall One - Downtown

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After spending a little too much time helping my girlfriend shop for fabric at Dressew in Gastown, we decided to lighten the mood and go get some food at one of our favorite spots, Joey's.I had never been to any of the downtown locations so I was interested to see what it was like. Very nice inside and just as I expected, full of businessmen/women. It was a good atmosphere.
Pan Fried Gyoza - $10.49
We started off with the Pan Fried Gyoza, I recently discovered these and now I can't help but order them every time we go. They taste great and the sauce they are served in is simply amazing. The only downside is I had to share them...honestly though these are great.

Baja Fish Tacos - $12.99
With the exception of one time (when the restaurant was still called Joey Tomato's,  I have always ordered the Baja Fish Tacos. Words can not describe how much I like these. The guac, cilantro, hot sauce, battered shrimp, everything is just so good. Squeeze a little lime and if you try hard enough you will feel like you're in Mexico. I have probably ordered these close to ten times and I have still not tired of having them.

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