Monday, February 6, 2012

PF Chang's China Bistro - Alderwood Mall (Lynnwood)

Living in Vancouver, PF Chang's is a restaurant that probably would not be really well received. Asian style food,  made, and suited for Caucasian people, I can imagine it would not be very popular back home. One look into the kitchen and you can tell it is quite different than an place you'd go for chinese food in Vancouver.

I was down in Lynnwood shopping at Alderwood Mall, and with our large group we chose to dine here, thinking that they would have something for everyone.

We got there and happy hour was still going on so drinks were cheaper than normal. the Yuzu Ginger Mojito caught everyone's eye so we ordered a round. These were great. Regular mojitos are great, but with the addition of ginger beer, or whatever else they put in it really put these on another level.
Assuming we were probably going to run up a pretty large bill, the manager offered us a complementary appetizer, their Lettuce Wrap. They are supposed to be very good so I guess he felt the need to give us one...I'm  not complaining free food is always good with me. The lettuce wraps turned out to be very good indeed.

We got a couple orders of won-ton soup to go around the group and I was not very impressed with it. Too many water chestnuts in it. A lot of ingredients that usually aren't served in a soup back home.

The last appetizer we got were their gyoza/dumplings. These I really enjoyed, of course they are a hard dish not too enjoy, pretty simple but good.

We ended up just sharing a variety of entree items off of the menu. The basics; beef and broccoli, chow mien, fried rice, kung pau chicken and the likes. Everything was really good, again being Caucasian this food was probably catered towards the likes of myself.

On the table they provided a number of different sauces, I find that always makes eating a little more entertaining when you can suit it to your needs through way of sauces.
I revisited PF Chang's again for some cheap happy hour eats and drinks and was impressed with the food and service for a second time. I like this place and will be back next time I need some drinks after being dragged around the mall by my girlfriend. The great service and extensive menu were two big positives about this restaurant.
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  1. The food is sooo gooood, I always end up spending a fortune when I go there.



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