Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tentatsu - Hastings

Tentatsu is one of my go to sushi joints.
I do have options living in Burnaby and it`s either Sushi Garden or
Tentatsu I go to when I need my fix. I went for dinner with my girlfriend and decided to start off sharing the Bento Box (B). The menu has quite a few items but we seem to always order the same stuff..maybe we're just boring like that.

Plenty of food for two people in my opinion, this one came with assorted tempura, salad,dynamite roll, California roll, and 1 piece each of salmon, tuna, and ebi nigiri. The fruit I could really care less about..

You also get a ebi sunomono. The ligthing was a bit weird, and my camera is pretty cheap so there is a bit of a organge glint to all the pictures. The Ebi Sunomono was good but it is better if you order it off of the menu, you get a bigger prawn in it.

Lastly, a miso soup.
At dinner this all costs around $11 Which is great since you get to try a variety of things, to be honest I was already getting full after just eating the Box but sometimes my brain does not think of consequences.

We also got the Spicy Combo, at this point I knew we were going to be taking some of it home.

This included a California roll, Salmon roll, and Tuna roll, covered with spicy sauce, very good.
They pretty much put the sauce they use on spicy tuna rolls on these ones so you can imagine it would taste good.
Kind of weird, the gyoza came out last after we were almost done our food. I had in fact forgot about it and regretted ordering it because I was full already. I am not sure why they list it under appetizer when the always bring it out last.

I like the prices at Tentatsu and the food has always been consistently good which is why I always find myself coming back. Dinner time can get a little busy and there is not a lot of waiting room so it can get a little awkward. Service isn't really the greatest but I am not really expecting it when I just want a quick cheap eat.


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  1. This is the fifth post about sushi I've read today, I think it's a sign.

  2. mmmm sushi! did you go to any DOV dinners at all yet? Im going to #5 tonight.. oh, btw, congrats on the bartending prize! I saw the announcement on twitter..

    and no.. no blurry Owen Wilson pics :( I wanted to respect his privacy,


  3. No DOV yet for me :( I have not had the time or $$ to go out much unfrotunately aha, but I'm super excited for the bartending prize, hopefully when semester ends I can use it...

    Lucky me won a $100 gift card for any sequioa group restaurant as well so i'll be using that soon.

  4. woohoo! I won with vanfoodster 2 tix to the Irish Heather, followed by 2 tix to a push festival play which was used last friday. whats your twitter name?

    Ill follow you - or you can look me up @streetstylestef



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