Saturday, January 14, 2012

World's Healthiest Breakfast

Ok, the title may not be %100 true, but compared to a typical North American breakfast, I'd say this is pretty darn good.

Forget, cereals, pastries, and other sugary foods, the king of breakfasts is the Spinach and Black Bean Omelet.

Black Beans, GI health, Blood Sugar Regulation, and Cancer prevention are just a few of the benefits of black beans.

Bone Health, Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory effecfs..need I say more? Pop-eye had it right. You can't go wrong with spinach

 Eggs are great, they will not clog your arteries they will in fact to the opposite, loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, eggs are an essential part of breakfast.

Yes I love to eat out, but when you have a meal at home, take your health into your own hands and try to eat better. Western Culture it obviously doing something wrong when it comes to health, with increasing instances of illness and disease we need to look to those cultures in the world who do not have these problems and adapt some of their dietary patterns.

Cheers and Good Health.


  1. The title would be much more true if it was made from egg whites!

    1. noooo!! I am all for the whole egg aha, people have miconceptions about cholsterol, but the egg yolk is a great source of macro and micro nutrients!



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