Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doolin's Irish Pub - Granville Street (Downtown)

654 Nelson Street at Granville
While cleaning one day, I stumbled upon an old gift card I had aquired from Van Foodster through a contest. I had almost forgot about it, so I was excited to get to use it. Turns out I did not have a lot of time to use it because it expired Dec. 31st and that was merely a week away.
Twenty-Five bucks to spend however I wanted. Not being a big drinker I thought food would be a good choice.
I have to admit, from the outside I wasn't exactly drawn into the place, If it wasn't for the gifted I would have probably kept walking.
Inside it was dark and had a fairly cozy decor.

I got myself the Steak Sandwich $10 - 6oz New York strip grilled to your liking, sautéed garlic mushrooms, caramelized onions, served on a toasted ciabatta bun.For $10, including fries, coleslaw and a pickle spear I thought this was a good deal. The steak wasn't the greatest, tasted like it was pan fried but all in all I was pleased. 

 My lady went with  the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich $10 - 5oz slow-braised pork, caramelized onions, mayonnaise on toasted sourdough kaiser bun She had mono so couldn't finish all of it (not much of an appetite). Not being one to let a little bit of mono scare me away from eating someones food, I had a couple bites of the it and thought it was great. The BBQ sauce they put on it really made it for me, I think it is key to good pulled pork.
Another note, the fries were really good her, nice and crisp on the outside (until they're drowned in vinegar)

$10 for a sit down meal that actually fills you up is always good with me, the cute waitresses were a plus too (keep in mind I'm 21..short skirts= win).
I don't know if I'd recommend this place to others but I enjoyed myself enough to come back.

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