Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sui Shah Ya - Lansdowne Centre, Richmond

I told myself I was going to stop going to All You Can Eat sushi. I guess I didn't remember because after driving to Kwantlen in Richmond with my girlfriend we found ourselves at such an establishment.

I don't know Richmond at all, I do know there is a plethora of Asian restaurants to chose from but I had no idea where or what to get.

We ended up going to an AYCE place in Lansdowne Centre. The reason i'm not partial to AYCE is because quite often the quality and the service are terrible.

Assortment of items:From the Lunch Menu $11.95+ tax

Your standard ebi sunomono. It was actually not too bad. Not too tangy or sweet, the noodles didn't stick together, quite decent in my opinion.

Miso Soup. Very bland and too much tofu for my liking.

Green Salad. My girlfriend had this. She didn't comment on it. I'm sure it tasted like any other green salad.

Beef Teriyaki. I thought this was very tasty. The beef was thinly sliced and there a nice amount of flavor on it.

Chicken Teriyaki. I did not like this dish. The batter on the chicken wasn't very good and the taste just wasn't there.

Oyster Motoyaki. I liked the oyster part but I am not a fan of the mayo sauce or whatever they use to cover it. It wasn't this restaurant specifically just in general I am not a fan of it. It does look cool though.
Chicken Karrage. Who doesn't like chicken wings? These were very good, nice and crispy and not too greasy. I ordered a spicy one as well (pic not included) and it was delicious, probably my favorite part of lunch.

Salmon Sashimi. These tasted really good, the texture was nice on the salmon and it felt fresh but I am not sure what the little gray marks are on them, anyone care to explain? 

I'm not going to sugar coat things, the rolls were not very good. The yam tempura roll was very soft, not crispy. The spicy tuna roll was very bland, as was the beef teri roll. Maybe some of the other rolls are alright but I was not a fan of these.
I was not disappointed with the meal but I was not happy either. I mean I don't expect great quality when I go for all you can eat but I at least like to have the rolls tasting good. I did really like the chicken karrage, and the nigiri sushi was good.
I didn't enjoy the service. When we were finished our first order of food (we only did one order) no one stopped to ask us if we wanted more or wanted the bill or anything. I assume they want those 20 minutes to happen so you are full and don't order anything more, in our case I just wanted to pay and nobody was asking if I needed the bill or anything.

Sui Sha Ya 水車屋日本料理 (Lansdowne Centre) on Urbanspoon


  1. Damn looking at those pictures makes my mouth water....looks sooooooo good haha

  2. Why are you showing me all this super delicious food when i'm sooo hungry =(

  3. Hmm delicious... enjoying some chicken green curry soon :)

  4. I agree.. its so rare to find a good ayce place.. i havent really tried too many cause the ones i have tried werent that exciting.. shabusen is ok i guess, but thats more korean.. and i didnt mind the chilli thai house bistro on beach ave.. that one was a good deal, but i think the prices have gone up since i went.

  5. fuarrrr...dam nice there brah..$$upported!



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