Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romer's Burger Bar - Kerr Street (River District)

Man I was faced with a tough decision. My 21st birthday and I had to chose somewhere to eat.
My girlfriends mom suggested the Keg (no suprise there) and while it was tempting I wanted to go somewhere more casual.

I had been wanting to check the somewhat new location of Romer's Burger Bar ever since I heard it was host to a nice patio with views of the Fraser River.
When my girlfriend asked if I wanted to go there I quickly decided yes please!

We had been to the location on West 4th so we thought it would be fun to check this one out.

I spotted the restaurant while we were driving along Marine Way, the exterior quickly gave it away. It is a very nice looking restaurant and it feels like it is almost in the middle of no where..apparently a lot of people are aware of this no where restaurant as well because it was packed.

The patio was full when we got there, and being quite famished we grabbed a table inside.

Rodeo Star - $11
Ancho starbuck spice, thick-sliced applewood bacon, red onions, vine-ripened tomatoes, horseradish jack, smoky bbq sauce, cilantro.

.I went with the Rodeo Star Burger,what can I say? a fantastic burger. There were quite a few interesting stand out flavors in this burger. The horseradish jack, bbq sauce, and cilantro gave it a unique taste I have never had in a burger before.
I would love to eat this sandwich again but there are still a few more items on the menu I'd like to try first.

Americano - $11
Iceberg lettuce, fried cheddar planks, red onion,
vine-ripened tomatoes, yellow mustard, bacon mayo

My girlfriend went with the Americano Burger. One thing definitely stood out about this burger and of course that thing was her favorite part...I'm talking about the fried cheddar planks. I initially thought they were onions rings and had to be corrected. I had a small bite and was able to get a bit of the cheddar plank and I must say it was a very good addition to the burger. I think anything crispy is a safe bet when it comes to a burger. I didn't really get a taste of the bacon mayo, but my lady said she could taste it.

Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Although I had just turned 21, I don't think I look it yet. I forgot to bring id with me so I didn't order anything alcoholic, I opted for root beer instead. It was tasty, nothing too special about it, although I did like that they used cane sugar in it, instead of corn syrup.

My girlfriend ordered a rose lemonade, I did not take a picture of the bottle but I highly recommend getting it. It was so refreshing and the rose just added that extra bit of awesomeness to it.

Final Thoughts:

Their garlic fries are fantastic
- Get the Drunken Donuts (you won't regret it)
- Good assortment of burgers (they are a la carte)
- Burgers are somewhat pricey but well worth it

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  1. those look like some tasty burgers!

  2. I'm wanting one now! Looks delicious. :) Following.

  3. Were the fried cheddar planks gooey inside? Ive never seen that on a burger before..

    happy belated bday!!

  4. Looks incredible! +1 followed

  5. @Stephanie, I honestly am not sure.. I just tried a small bite, I would imagine it was gooey in the middle, thanks for the belated birthday wish aha



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