Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bongo's Cuban Cafe - Downtown Disney, Orlando

Being one of our last nights in Orlando we thought we would eat out somewhere in Downtown Disney. There was certainly no shortage of places to eat but since we don't have a whole lot of Cuban Food in Vancouver we thought we would try out a place called Bongos Cuban Cafe.

The weather was interesting the week we were there. Day time would be beautiful, sunny, and very hot. When 7pm rolled around we would often get a good hour of thunder storms. Orlando hosted some very spectacular ligtning and thunder storms..and of course while we got a table out on the patio the thunder and ligtning was making itself known.

Lime Margaritas were the drink of choice. I have never seen green salt lining the rim..kind of unnatural.  My only experience with Cuban food has been at Havanas on Commercial drive, I don't know how authentic it is but I enjoy their food so I was hoping this would be just as good/better since we were so close to Cuba. As we enjoyed our drinks watched the lightning light up the sky off in the distance, fingers crossed that it wouldn't come near us

Cuban Style Steak- $17 Thin Tenderized Steak seasoned with Garlic & Mojo topped with Onions and Parsley.I chose the steak for my meal. Initially I was excited because they brought out a huge piece of meat but I realized that it looked like a cheap cut, and with very little fat on it, it wasn't going to be very tender.
The seasoning on it was tasty, but I thought the meat was a bit dry. It was decent but I don't think I would eat it again.

The meal also included fried plantains and rice. I think on this trip plantains started to grow on me (not literally). I started to really enjoy the taste of them. I find them to be a mix of banana and sweet potatoes in taste. They are very sweet and chewy and it's good because I don't have to buy dessert after I eat them.

 Bongo's Famous Shredded Chicken Breast-$16 Cuban Style Fried Shredded Chicken Breast topped with Grilled Onions.
My girlfriend ordered this. She prefers chicken over beef (crazy I know). She seemed to enjoy it. I did not try any but it looked alright. My only problem with chicken breast is that it can get really dry if you cook it too long. I think this dish was nice though. She also got plantains and rice with her meal.

Final Thoughts: Although the meal was not bad, It really wasn't anything special in my opinion. For a big restaurant in downtown disney I would have expected a bit more. The service was great, and the atmosphere was good (loved the music) but I would have liked to have been blown away by the food. It was still a pretty cool place though.

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