Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nagoya Sushi...Holy Shashimi ! - Surrey

First off, I must say how have I never heard of this place before! My ex gym partner (we still talk) asked me if I wanted to go to this sushi place he likes in Surrey. Naturally I asked the name and then looked it up on Yelp and Urbanspoon. No blog posts on it, but the user reviews were good, I was game. He was telling me about how awesome their Sake Don (Salmon) was and I figured this place sounded legit.

Even though he had been here before he was too busy talking and drove right by the place, we had to do a "legal" u-turn to get back. It is located in the Green Timbers Plaza, next to a bar and liquor store. A big illuminated sign saying SUSHI gives it away.

With any dine in order you get one complimentary bowl of miso soup, extras are 50 cents. The soup was good, nothing's miso soup, pretty hard to go wrong with it. As we sipped on it another surprise arrived at the table...Free food!

Apparently dine-in customers get free food. Wow I can't argue with that..bring it on! The waitress brought out two Salmon Patties. They were a very decent size and quite tasty. I think serving complimentary appetizers is a great way to get customers to come back..well at least I'll  be coming back.

My friend ordered the Sake Don $10.50. There was a good 10 huge pieces of Salmon literally massive pieces of fish. I was quite impressed with his dish. My friend and I enjoy working out quite a bit so we enjoy eating a lot of food, he even struggled finishing this. There was also rice and a small salad served with this.

I decided I would order some rolls. I got a Salmon Maki, Spicy Tuna, and Beef Rolls. All of the rolls were very tasty and very filling. Again they put a lot of fish in these rolls which was awesome. I think for the three it was just under $10.  The spicy tuna wasn't very spicy but still was very good. Now the best part about these rolls was the Salmon Maki. If you look in the top left corner you can see one of the rolls had kind of fell apart..want to know why? because there was a huge piece of salmon inside it.
That is the size of the pieces of salmon they put inside there maki was only $2.50 for the 6 rolls but the amount of salmon inside was comparable to an order of salmon sashimi at most places.

I was very impressed with this place and look forward to going back.

I believe this place is Korean run by a family it looked like, and let me say they are doing a great job of it. Complimentary food and large pieces of fish..they have recommendation any day.

Apparently once a week on Wednesdays they make their rolls from a combination of brown, white, and black rice, to encourage healthier eating.

I took home a menu so hopefully I can scan it and add some pictures.. thanks for reading!

Final Thoughts:
-This place was awesome...Go!
Nagoya Sushi on Urbanspoon


  1. Hey, I'm supposed to be the one who eats a lot! Haha.

  2. @Andy .. i'm a 21 year old male.. I seldom stop eating :P



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