Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Romer's Burger Bar - Kitsilano

source : Sherman's Food Adventures
My girlfriend and I were at the festival on West 4th this past Saturday. I enjoy this part of town because there are many restaurants, and with the roads closed we could take our time and check all of them out.
One of the first things I saw was that Romer's Burger Bar had a booth up and they were making sliders. We said we'd get some on our way out. Well on the way out they were all sold out.. so we did the next best thing and went into the restaurant.

It was a little dark inside and my camera does not do well in dim lighting so the quality of the pictures aren't the best..sorry.

We ordered and shared the
Man's Man Burger - Thick-sliced applewood bacon, local creamery amber ale cheddar, onion strings, smoked alder salts, vine-ripened tomato, whole grain mustard. I was hoping it would come out whole for a better picture but at least you can see a good cross suction view of it. Kind of weird but one of my favorite parts about the burger was the actual bun. It was really nice.. not sure how I would describe it. You can see the nice colour of the patty which was nice and juicy. A very enjoyable burger, definitely one of the better ones I have had in Vancouver.

We ordered the Garlic Fries tossed in sea-salt.These were delicious! I have been craving these for the last couple days since I've gone there. I love garlic and will eat it on almost anything and these were some very well done fries.
I would like to try the Truffle oil ones sometime too.

For dessert we got the Drunken Donuts. Pretty much every review I had read said these were amazing. I thought we ought to try them. The came with three dipping sauces, Limoncello, Khalua Nutella, and Maple Whisky. Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the Maple Whisky Dip the most. The donuts were very good, I had an almost euphoric feeling in my brain as I took a bite of one. I may just have to get these the next time I go.
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