Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disneyworld's Epcot - Yakitori House, Japan

Our last eats in Epcot's World Showcase were in the Japan Pavilion. At this point we were all full and could not eat anymore. I was curious to see if sushi was done any differently on the east coast.
Living in Vancouver I have had my fair share of Japanese cuisine (mainly sushi) so I was not
really expecting to be too wowed with the food here.

As you can see by the surroundings, this pavilion was beautiful. Epcot is truly an awesome place to be in and you have to go if you're ever in Orlando.

We chose to eat a a small sit down restaurant called the Yakitori House.

Inside it felt like your typical fast food restaurant. You ordered up at the front and then grabbed your food and found a table

We shared a small salad to get some greens in us.

For our sushi, we ordered the Tokyo Combo this was $10. What a rip off eh?
I wasn't too disappointed because I knew there was no way we would be eating stuff better than what we get at home, and there was no way we'd be paying prices anywhere close to what we pay at home.
I did enjoy that they put roe on the california rolls. They were pretty tasty but four pieces and three pieces of nigiri for $ thank you.

If you can afford it I think eating at the nicer restaurants in Epcot would be a good idea. We weren't exactly loaded with cash so we opted for cheaper establishments.

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