Friday, July 1, 2011

Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom - Eats in the Park

Today we visited the "happiest place in the world" The Magic Kingdom .. or tied for first if you count Disneyland.
This was my first time every going to the Magic Kingdom so I was pretty stoked (yes I am almost 21 years old). Naturally I felt inclined to get a picture in front of the castle so here ya go!

We got there as soon as the park opened so that we could beat the crowds, and so that I could do all the little kid rides before the little kids got there. Around 10am I was feeling peckish.
We were in Tomorrow land and I saw a place called the Lunching Pad, the name made me laugh so I thought it would be a good spot to get a snack

The Lunching Pad
The menu consisted of a number of different hot dogs, chips, frozen beverages, and pretzels.
I needed something substantial so I went for a chili cheese dog.

The hot dog was pretty big, which rocked and it was smothered in a mess of chili, onions, and cheese sauce. I don't know if it is just Florida but at many restaurants, whether it be nachos or a dish with cheese, they used sauce rather than real cheese. I enjoyed the hot dog, it gets a thumbs up from me, I didn't enjoy the mess I made eating it though.

source: Disney Food Blog

Lunch time rolled around as we were doing rides in Adventureland.
Right across from the ever so famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride was Tortuga Tavern which was a quick service Mexican  joint. I grabbed myself a Taco Salad-$7.69.

This turned out to be a really good deal because you got to put the toppings in  yourself (minus the beef of course). Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot sauce, as much as you wanted.
It was such a hot day so eating something like this was actually very refreshing.

As the day was winding on, my girlfriend wanted to get some funnel cake, I have never had it before so I figured why not.

So funnel cake is pretty much deep fried batter dusted with sugar. I wanted strawberries on it because I think they taste girlfriend was not impressed. I was a little grossed out but how much icing sugar was put on but oh well, it's not like I eat this everyday. It was pretty tasty but I definitely would not make a habit of eating this.

There you have it, I know there was not many pictures, I was enjoying myself too much so missed out on taking pictures of all the food we ate. I was a little disappointed by the choices and variety of food there was at the Magic Kingdom. I did enjoy what I ate but I felt there was a severe lack of dining options there.

Stay tuned for more Disneyworld/Orlando blog posts!

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