Monday, July 4, 2011

Disneyworld's Epcot- Mexican Pavilion

Disneyworld's EPCOT, what can I say this place was AWESOME!
For those of you that have never heard of it, it consists of two major areas, Future World and the World Showcase. For foodie purposes the World Showcase will be of great interest to you.
Basically there are 11 pavilions representing 11 countries around the world. These include: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. Each pavilion contains a number of restaurants ranging from $-$$$ and has stores and architecture relating to the particular country.

Our plan was to "eat our way around the world" unfortunately we got full and did not eat everywhere.
We started off with breakfast in Future World since the World Showcase was not open yet. We grabbed quick bites at the Sunshine Seasons Food Court.

Breakfast Croissant - $5.99

I just ordered a breakfast croissant to tide me over until the World Showcase opened. Nothing really special about it, it did it's job which was to fight off my hunger. I did enjoy the roast potatoes that came with it though.

At last 11am rolled around and the World Showcase was open. First stop was Mexico.

I thought this place was so awesome. I really recommend anybody visiting Orlando to at least go to EPCOT. There were three different restaurants here, two of them inside a large Aztec temple, that was also home to a ride.

Inside this building there were two more expensive restaurants and a variety of shops to buy 'Mexican' touristy items. We chose to eat at the cheapest restaurant, which was outside by the lake which was really nice.

We just decided to be cheap and order nachos and share them between three of us..we did want to eat our way around Epcot but we wanted to save cash too. The restaurant was called La Cantina de San Angel.

The Nachos were surprisingly good. They were not much to look at (as you can tell by the picture) but I really enjoyed them. The ground beef on them tasted so good and the two salsas were a nice addition.
To drink I got a Mexican soda..which I know we sell in grocery stores here but I pretended it was authentic.

I'm sure you've all tried this brand before, I had never had mango so it was new for me and I quite liked it.
I'll give you guys a quick view of the inside of the restaurant just to see what it
looked like.

It doesn't really look too Mexican but it had a great view of all the other Pavilions around the lake outside.

That's all I have for now on EPCOT, I didn't want to include all the Pavilions in one post because it would be too overwhelming! If you're interested in finding more info on EPCOT check out this website:

This park was seriously cool!

Sunshine Seasons on Urbanspoon
La Cantina De San Angel on Urbanspoon


  1. those are some insane looking buildings, very cool!

  2. hahahaha food porn! As a culinary arts grad (and economy too, but who cares about that), i love this kind of blogs. You made me hungry hahaha +1 follower

  3. thanks! I'm not cook but I do love eating..I've still
    got so much more to write on Epcot and the other countries uggh!

  4. Actually, the nachos you received look really good (based on your picture). We also ate at the Cantina de San Angel, and had the nachos (along with chicken & beef tacos), and nothing that we had looked half as good as what you had. We must have hit it on an off night.



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