Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thai House (Robson)

After going to Dressew in Gastown my girlfriend and I were plagued with the decision of where we should eat. I usually like to try somewhere new but some of the places I wanted to go were closed, I would think around 12:30 on  a Saturday most places would be open. I initially wanted to go to the Greedy Pig but we would have had to wait two more hours. We decided to head up to Robson street and hope something caught our eye.
We decided on the Thai House, which to get to one must venture up a staircase that is very easy to miss.
It was nice and quiet in the restaurant which was awesome because downtown was busy that day, a nice relaxing atmosphere was just what I needed.
We started on our ordering and decided on a couple of drinks first.

To Drink:

I cannot remember the names of these drinks now, but the one on the left had slush and grapefruit juice in and was garnished with a cherry. The one on the right had lime juice, club soda or 7-up and cane sugar I believe. Both were nice and refreshing, maybe not worth the +3$ that they were though.

To Eat:

Beef Lettuce Wrap
Lean minced beef with fresh basil

This tasted absolutely amazing, I could care less about the lettuce but the beef had such great flavor to it. I was very happy we chose to have this and I would for sure get this again. It had a mild amount of spice to it which was good because I don't go too too spicy.

I have never ordered a lettuce wrap before but I have always wanted to whenever I see people get them at restaurants, they look fun to eat, and now that I mam experienced I can say they are fun to eat.

Pad Thai w/ chicken

I would have loved this dish if they did not put any tofu in it, and put more chicken in. I do not like taste of tofu and I am not a big fan of estrogen so yeah..the sauce was very good on the noodles and I enjoyed the crunchiness of the crushed almonds.

Final Thoughts:
I thought that the menu was a little too big here, there was so many things to chose from, a menu half the size still would be quite large. I was really wowed by the beef lettuce wrap, the pad Thai was alright but nothing spectacular. I don't really know what good Thai food tastes like so I can't really compare this to anything else.

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