Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nando's Chicken - Strawberry Hill (Surrey/Delta)

So I am a student and work part time in a retail store in the Strawberry Hill area. The plus side is that the majority of restaurants in North Delta in this area, the down side is that the majority of restaurants of North Delta are in this area. After work often I need something to eat and I usually stop by Quiznos for something cheap. After my shift tonight my girlfriend was coming over so I thought I would go to the Nando's  which is very close by and grab some eats to go.
I don't go here often, I can fill up for much cheaper with all the fast food around, but I do really enjoy the food at Nando's, the sauces they provide make the experience all the better.
My order took about 10 minutes and I quickly drove home and threw it in the oven to keep it warm while I waited for my girlfriend to arrive. I unpacked and tried to plate things to make them look nice for the photo shoot.
Peri Peri Fries

Peri Peri fries

So I had totally forgotten how good Nando's Peri fries were. They were perfectly crisp and the spices on them are just delicious. Dipping them in the garlic sauce just made them all the better. I don't think I've tried any other sides at Nando's but it's hard to try variety when I enjoy these fries so much.
Dozen Wings (hot)
I felt like getting wings because finger food is always a win for me. I was surprised with how spicy they were. I thought I was pretty tough but I had to submit to a glass of water after this. These wings were nothing special, I find sometimes chicken to be boring for me but they were good. My girlfriend ordered a chicken sandwich but I did not include pictures because it looked like a mess so I didn't want to put anybody through that.
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