Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Celebratory Dinner at Las Margaritas

Food and drink is the best way to celebrate in my opinion. Lots of food and plenty of drink flowing is always a good thing. Tonight we were celebrating my girlfriend getting into the Kwantlen Fashion Program, and myself getting into the School of Human Kinetics at UBC. After some narrowing down of what we wanted to eat, Mexican surfaced and the closest and best  place was Las Margaritas. We have been here countless times and knew that on such a nice sunny day we should arrive early to avoid line-ups. My girlfriend, her parents and myself piled into the jeep and headed from North Burnaby to West 4th.

I tend to keep my face glued pretty close to the window scanning the streets for restaurants, two in particular in the area that I want to try are Romer's Burger Bar, and A french place I believe called Bistro Bistro just a couple stores down from Las Margaritas.
We went in and luckily no lines! We opted for patio seating to enjoy the sun. A pitcher of lime margartia was shared and I chose a Russel's to sip on.

Since it was somewhat of a family outing I did not want to  be obnoxious and go picture crazy (only when it's just me and my girlfriend) so I just snapped two quick pics of my meal and hers.

On the table:

Tacos de Carnitas- Two soft corn torillas filled with roasted pork. Served with chopped cilantro, diced onions, two fresh salsas, frijoles charros, and an avocado slice.
I wanted to try something new on the menu and when I saw the words cilantro listed on this dish I was sold. The tacos (plural, even though you can only see one in the pic) where really good as a standalone. I wasn't too impressed with the salsas that came with it. The one on the right was very spicy and had a bit of a smokey flavor to it, I didn't really like it. The one on the left looked like guacamole and had a very mild taste. I preferred the one on the left but I would have liken some more zest to the taco. The meal also came with a bean soup, I did not know it was a soup I thought you were supposed to dip the taco into it, which I was doing and it was very tasty.

Burrito- A large flour tortilla rolled with edam, cheddar & mozzarella, cheese and roasted beef  (covered with a mild red sauce). Both are topped with melted cheese & sour cream. Served with refried beans & Mexican rice.
Wow, talk about a lot of food. I knew that my girlfriend wouldn't be able to finish all this so I patiently bided my time waiting until the point where should would be too full to eat anymore. Aha, her fork was placed down and I knew it was time for me to do my boyfriendly duty and help her finish the rest. There was still some Burrito left, along with the rice and re fried beans but I decided to eat the Burrito since the other two are more fillers. I must say this was a fantastic Burrito. Lots of cheese and meat, very filling and very tasty just how I like it.

Final Thoughts:I'm sure anybody reading this blog, if from the Vancouver area has already dined here but if not i'd suggest going at least once. You don't have to break the bank and you can get some very tasty food/drinks. Be cautioned on a Friday night, any time after 6 probably expect a wait.

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