Sunday, May 8, 2011

Juliet's Cafe (Kitsilano)

1905 Cornwall Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J
(604) 732-8212
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I love eating breakfast, I also love lunch and dinner, but for the purpose of this post I'll stick with breakfast. I had been to Juliet's Cafe last summer for brunch and I remember being pleased with it, so before venturing over to Vanier Park my girlfriend and I stopped in for something to eat.

The interior was nice with wooden floors and an open spacious dining area. A fire place kept the place nice and toasty. At this restaurant you order first and then go find a place to sit down. I like this better because you don't have to worry about splitting up the bill with other people, you can just pay for your own meal and sit and enjoy it.
My girlfriend got some English Breakfast tea to sip on while we waited for our food. I don't drink tea unless it's iced so I refrained from the hot beverage. To eat I ordered the classic Eggs Benedict and my girlfriend ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.
The meal consisted of two poached eggs with ham on sourdough with Parmesan sauce and roasted potatoes. It was incredibly tasty, I can never seem to poach eggs well at home but these ones were perfectly cooked.  I really liked the Parmesan sauce that topped the dish, it was very tasty.
I wasn't impressed with the portion of food, for over $10 there wasn't really a whole lot there. Some fresh fruit would have been a nice addition. I remember going to provence marinaside for brunch and also being disappointed with the amount of food...I'm 20 years old ok I need big portions!

I almost considered getting one of their sandwich's that I saw posted up on the menu, there was a roasted lamb sandwich which sounded fantastic.
I like that this place is family owned, they have a variety of family pictures posted up on the walls which almost makes you feel as if you are eating in a kitchen at someone elses home.

Final Thoughts:-Food was very tasty and well prepared
-Portions were not big enough for my liking
- Would be a great place to stop before walking to Granville Island or relaxing at Kits Beach.
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