Friday, May 13, 2011

Fritz European Fry House

718 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6Z
(604) 684-0811

So I somehow wound up on Davie St, strapped for cash, the clock ticking close to midnight, and feeling quite peckish. I heard a rumour of a place that served poutine that was open very late but the only draw back is that I am incredibly lazy and it meant me walking 3 blocks ugh!

I saw the sign for Fritz and new that everything would be alright. I entered the establishment thinking that it was a sit down place, but there was just a couple benches and small tables. I was fine with that, I was just hungry. I ordered a large poutine which was around $7.

For two people to share it made a nice snack. The gravy was very tasty and the cheese curds were melted and gooey.  The poutine had nice layering to it, the cheese curds were not just all at the top, they were evenly dispersed throughout the fries, quite good handy work i must say.

I am not really an expert in poutine, I have had it at Belgian Fries on Commercial a couple times and was not particularly impressed. I thought the poutine here was really good here (I was slightly intoxicated so my judgement was not 100%).  I would definitely come back here to just try there regular fries, they had a list of myriad different dips which sounded very tasty.

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  1. I'm not sure if I would call myself a poutine expert, either, but I'm from Quebec, and over there we prefer not-gooey-and-melty cheese curds. They should still be a little bit squeaky in an "authentic" poutine. The melted cheese seems to be more popular in Vancouver, however, and it's also good, especially after a few drinks. La Belle Patate on Davie makes a more authentic poutine, if your'e interested in comparing. They also have other weird Quebec food like Guedille, which is fries in a hot dog bun.



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