Friday, April 29, 2011

Surf & Turf Market Grill (Surrey)

* Restaurant now Closed

The Location of this restaurant has been host to numerous other failed ventures in the past. It is located in the strip mall that is Strawberry Hills (where I work!). I just recently noticed this restaurant even though I had past to many times before without realizing. I saw that they had a $5 Lunch special so I decided one day for lunch I would try it out. You had your choice of 4 different skewers, I opted for the Souvlaki Chicken, and the Lamb, you got a choice of side as well and I ordered the Pasta Salad. The Lamb was pretty spicy but there was not a lot of that lamb taste I enjoy. The chicken was nice and tender and quite tasty. I love pasta salad and this one was actually good. This meal by no means filled me up, not much does for $5 now a days but it was better than I expected to be. If I feel like something different one day at work I might just return and try out something else on their menu. North Delta doesn't really have a restaurant with this idea yet so maybe this place will last longer than it's other owners. 

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