Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Burgoo (Main Street)

3096 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5T

Until just recently I wasn't even aware of the area that is Main street, above Broadway. I of course knew of Main street by Science World but I had never ventured up near 15th ave. I had heard of this excellent restaurant in the area I just never really had an excuse to go as it's a little far for me.
Well an opportunity arouse, my girlfriend needed to go to a craft store on Broadway and we were going to pick up some loose leaf tea. I jumped at the chance to suggest Burgoo afterwards.

If you look closely at the above picture you can see some nice rain drops, that's the kind of day it was. Apparently the weather was perfect to go here though seeing how the sign states "food for comfort", comfort was definitely what we needed.
I was pretty packed when we got there. I wasn't expecting anything less, it seems Burgoo is quite popular. We sat at the bar since there was only two of us which let us avoid any waiting woo!
My girlfriend ordered a strawberry lemonade. A nice colourful drink for a very dull dreary day. I had my heart set on drinking some Mead (the drink of Irish kings aka myself) as it was the daily drink special but was wallet did not share my enthusiasm.
We started off sharing the Scones $4 warm sour cream scones accented with currants and orange zest, served with bistro made cinnamon butter.My girlfriend really seemed to love these, although I am a savory man these were quite enjoyable. I didn't get to eat a whole one though because when I wasn't looking my dining partner snatched mine up.. I guess it was revenge for all the food of hers I have ate.

For my main I ordered the Burgoo B L T C G $12- bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato and white Cheddar with guacamole and house mayonnaise, served on toasted filone. The sandwich also came with choice of a salad. I went with a Cesar. I now wish I had chosen a soup with the sandwich after seeing the cheese and broccoli soup the lady beside me was eating, it looked fantastic. Before I talk about the food it may not be ideal to everyone but I kind of enjoy sitting and eating at the bar. You get to watch drinks be made, maybe i'm the only one that finds that fun and you get to see all the food come out so you can make a mental menu choice for next time.

The BLTCG was excellent. Everything just went together so well. There would be bits of cheese that were crispy and the bacon was nice and crisp. I did not really notice any guacamole on it, which was fine because it still tasted great. Even though I really enjoyed the sandwich, however after seeing all the grilled cheese sandwiches coming out of the kitchen I kind of wished I had ordered on of those, they looked so good.
The Cesar was ok, I'm not a big salad guy but there was a heart portion of it. I ended up trading the rest of my salad to my girlfriend for the rest of her meal which will  be discussed soon. One thing I did like about the salad was the mass amounts of Parmesan cheese, can't go wrong with lots of cheese.
Following the cheese theme, my girlfriend is a big fondue lover and it's hard to find it at restaurants. Burgoo however had an answer for that. A Brie Fondue $13- roast garlic, honey and white wine served with cut red apple and crusty bread.  It was a very decent sized portion of fondue for the price and it was quite tasty. Brie is not a super strong tasting cheese but I thought it was quite nice in a fondue. I think a little more white wine could have been added for flavor, the best fondue's I have made at home have had a generous portion of white wine in them which adds a really nice flavor.

Final Thoughts- Very good comfort food
- Friendly Staff
-Will be coming back soon
-Prices are quite reasonable

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