Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pho Stanley (revisited) Do it Yourself Pho Soup- North Delta

Pho Stanley (604) 594-1933
North Delta
11184 84 Avenue
Delta, BC V4C

Pho Stanley was my choice today, I was craving Pho and I wanted to get take-out since my brother was over with his baby.
I ordered the House Special Pho which came with brisket, rare beef, tendon, tripe, and meatballs.
I was handed a bag with three containers and I raced home so that I could see what was inside (well I knew what was inside but yeah).
I have gotten some of their other Pho soups before and really enjoyed them so I was looking forward to this.
2 minutes later I arrived home and laid the contents of the package out on the table. 
The contents of the package.

Some cilantro and I believe tendon on the right

rare steak, yum yum

dumped everything into a bowl, you can see the brisket there

the broth, with two meatballs floating around

the finished product

After all this I came to the conclusion that one is better off eating Pho at an actual establishment. Usually the broth is served piping hot but by the time I got home and mixed everything together it was just hot. That kind of ruined things for me. I usually love Pho and have enjoyed what I have gotten at Stanley's but the less then piping hot broth kind of killed it for me today and left some of the meat really chewy.

This bad experience won't deter me from Stanley's (or Pho in that matter) it is still one of my favorite local restaurants.
Words of Wisdom- Eat your Pho at the restaurant, don't get it to go.
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