Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Wall Mongolian- Downtown Vancouver

Great Wall Mongolian on Urbanspoon
*Closed I think..The Great Wall Mongolian BBQ is located just off of Georgia on Denman St. There is no shortage of restaurants crammed into this area, however if you're looking for cheap eats like me the Great Wall is your place. With tax an all you can eat dinner costs around $12 which is a great value because variety here is only limited by your imagination.

First Bowl, A bit of everything
This is an all you can eat joint in which you get to choose exactly what meat, veggies, and sauces you want, all cooked in front of you. I love the options you get at this place. There is an extensive list of sauces you can add to create unique flavors. All one needs to do is grab a bowl, choose from beef, lamb,chicken or pork (all 4 is my preference), add whatever veggies and noodles you want, and lastly choose from 12 different sauces and watch it all grilled up in front of your very eyes

Complimentary Biscuits
I've gone to other restaurants of the same variety, one on Robson and one in Coquitlam and this one was my favorite. Each time I go I find a new combination of sauces that make it all the better.  Part of the fun of going here is watching the chef grill your food up in front of you. It adds a little something different than the regular dining experience.

Second Bowl
The pictures I took didn't turn out very well but I've added some more from urbanspoon:

All pictures property of KimHo

Ordering process
food being grilled
choice of sacues


  1. Hi Peter: About the pictures, can your camera take raw? That is the best way to rescue pictures with such strong color cast. Ben

  2. I was planning on going to Vancouver soon! thanks for the restaurant tip!

  3. @Ben, I don't think my camera can take raw files, I was trying a different setting and turned out it wasn't a very good one lol, next time i'll get better pics

  4. Those look like some awesome biscuits! Yummy!



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